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Hero Vs. The Shadow Of Harry Potter

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There are always different paths that a person can take, some too many to count and other just two choices. These paths decide and make us into who we are and who we will become. This difference is used in many works of art to express a meaning or a point. One of the best examples would the the Harry Potter novel series by J. K. Rowling. The Hero, Harry potter himself, and the Shadow or villain, Voldemort or Tom Riddle. They are similar by their blood statue, and treatment at the hands of muggles, and how people are drawn to them. But they differ by their morals and view towards muggles, and have a difference of people close to them.
The two of them were both used as polar opposites, led of ...view middle of the document...

Their similar muggle upbringings are really the focus on what can change from person to person. They were both disliked, hated, scorned, neglected, and basically abused by the muggles they were staying with. But they hold different feelings about it. Voldemort hates them to the core, sees them as bugs, and wants to rid the world of them or use them as slaves. But Harry sees them as people, some are bad and awful but that is no reason to kill them. He even saves his family the Dursleys when he could have left them to die. The orphanage of Tom’s was much alike to the house of the Dursleys. Children hated and bullied them, the adults neglected and took away natural rights, the living conditions were horrible lacking, the food was sparse. The only real difference was the Voldemort was raised in World War II and that he had no blood relation to the others there. Neither of them had any idea of what their family roots were.
Its because of this treatment from the muggles that they formed into whom they were. They Cupboard under the stairs let to Harry being great at sneaking about and to being rather submissive to authority and peer pressure. Tom fought and ruled against those in the orphanage, creating an sadistic authoritarian outlook on life. Harry is forgiving of them and will go beyond to not hate them, or anyone really. But Voldemort will kill them on site, just because its like squishing another bug. Later on in the books it seems that is sociopathic and psychopathic mind has warped enough that he feels that way about everyone, where before he could at least see some for having a use.
The people of the wizarding world are attracted to their persons for different reasons. On Harry’s part, its due to the attention he receives as being a famous person, of something that wasn't really his doing. To use him as a famous reference, or to get his story and sell it. He does have real friends like Luna and Neville, hut most of those in the magical world are only using him for her fame and past. I often theorized that Dumbledore did the same, due to Harry have...

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