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Heroe In The Ionian Mission By Patrick O’brian

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One sign of a great series is the greatness of the hero or main character in which the series follows. Like other great series of books, The Ionian Mission, Ramage and The Happy Returns all have a main character that that is compelling, strong, and likeable. Though these three characters have many aspects in common, they are also incredibly different. These differences can at time come back to their authors’ differences as well. Their experiences in their own lives can effect who their characters become. Despite these differences, as mentioned before, they all have certain traits that make them a good lead.
The first of the three captains is that of Captain Jack Aubry from Patrick O’Brian’s ...view middle of the document...

In all, O’Brian made Captain Aubry strong, courageous, independent, and relatable. Many traits that one would wish to have in a main character.

The Second is that of Lord Nicholas Ramage from Dudley Popes Ramage. As with most men who enter the British Royal Navy, Ramage had a father in the navy who was a vice-Admiral commissioned command in North America during the Revolutionary War. Raised by his mother in Tuscany after his fathers court-martial he would follow in his footsteps despite his disgrace. This fact, however, would follow him throughout his entire career. He was made a lieutenant at the age of twenty (the earliest possible age). Despite the disgrace of his father, he would rise to the challenge of command when it was thrust upon him and would defend his own honor and decisions when facing his own court martial.
The major similarity that Ramage shares with Aubry is simply that of courage. Believing in what is right in their own minds and not just what he is ordered to do.

The Final character is that of Horatio Hornblower as created by C.S. Forester. Unlike most naval officers, yet similarly to both Lord Ramage and Captain Aubry is that they had few allies within the Royal Navy. This is because Hornblower did not inherit any wealth from his father as well as any influential...

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