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Heroes Are Seen Everywhere, Just Where?

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Batman saves Gotham City from the Joker and is the hero, but we can also be heroes with our everyday actions. True we may not have super abilities like Batman, but we all are some kind of hero. Heroes are selfless when the time is needed, and heroes think about completing what they are doing with full determination. Heroes are everywhere, being everyday people just like you and me. A hero can be an everyday person, like Miss. Riley, a teacher; a hero can be a fictional character, like Polyphemus, a monster; although some heroes become villains, like Odysseus.

To begin with, heroes are seen in everyday life although we may not realize it at first, yet in the real world heroes are not recognized by wearing capes or trophies, they are encouraging and determined to help others. Instead they are recognized by family and friends. Heroes in the real world can come from even a small mining town like Coalwood Virginia. To begin, in the movie October Sky, Miss. Riley was determined to help Homer Hickam win the science fair in their county. She was doing everything as his teacher to help him to win; she even gave him a rocket science book to help him accomplish his goal (Johnston). Miss. Riley was Homer Hickam’s science teacher in Coalwood, Virginia. She was being encouraging because she helped Homer even though no one in Coalwood really believed in his dream of winning the science fair. Although, the only person who really believed in him was, Miss. Riley, and she gave all of the support to help him accomplish his goal. Miss. Riley was a hero in her own way and encouraging in someone else’s life to further their dream. In addition, in “Love Triumphs,” Deamonte Love is a hero in his own way again helping others and putting them before himself. As stated by the reporter in “Love Triumphs”, “A 6-year-old boy walking down the road, holding a 5-month-year-old, surrounded by 5 toddlers who followed him like he was their leader” (Barry 19). Deamonte Love is the 6-year-old boy mentioned in the text who saved those six lives during Hurricane Katrina. Deamonte Love was determined to get the children to safety. As Hurricane Katrina was flooding roads and knocking down buildings he was trying to save the lives of the six children around him, yet the rescue team was on standby. In “Frederick Douglass,” Douglass was a hero trying to better everyone else’s life as he was going through misery himself. As stated by the author, Frederick Douglas is described in “Frederick Douglass” as, “This man, this Douglass, this former slave, this Negro, beaten to his knees… this man, superb in love and logic” (Hayden 24). Frederick Douglass was a slave during the Civil War. Douglass had envisioned a world where slaves were treated equal. He is courageous because he was courageous because as he was beaten to his knees he still pursued the dream of love for all slaves. Frederick Douglass was helping others, being courageous for others as he was beaten. Hence, heroes are in our daily...

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