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Heroes In Our Daily Lives Essay

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Growing up as a child in America I did not have a hero. Although I was exposed through my own reading and television to many revered and “famous” people, I never aspired to be like any particular individual. I looked at people’s accomplishments and achievements, as remarkable as they might have been, as normal. I saw their feats as something that I myself can achieve if I made an effort. I remember my friend, Ben, always talking about Charles Barkley, a legendary basketball player. He would follow his every move on and off the court. All you had to do was walk into his room to and you would be able to tell the deep love he had for his hero. His wall was plastered with posters of Barkley and his desk was full of Barkley action figures. He even collected the ticket stubs of all the games that he went to in which Barkley played. This deep love and admiration for a human being was something that I did not relate to.
In retrospect, I’m happy that I did not have a hero. Adults blame the fact that children do not have a hero in part on the political leaders, professional sports players and other famous figures who prove to be disappointing role models, and in part on society for instilling in the younger generation with a lack of respect and admiration, a general tendency towards apathy. I did not have a hero because I felt that the heroes that my peers had were not individuals I could look up to. My parents stressed to me the importance of learning from those who do great deeds to society as well as having originality and individuality. I myself chose not to revere any particular individual.
Society has an unrealistic definition of a hero. Heroes have long stood as ideals, as shining, perfect people seen on television or in the movies. The people that mourn the lack of heroes want us to admire people we have never met, on the...

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