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Heroes Reflect The Best And Worst In Human Nature

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Essay Question: Heroes reflect the best and worst in human nature


It is accurate that heroes reflect the best choose word, thesaurus! and worst in human nature. The themes of how compassion after destruction results in love, and sacrifice to survive, portray the best and worst of human nature Repeat?. The novel Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, and the film Frozen directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, both explore these themes. In both texts, it is clear that a hero does portray the best and worst in human nature .

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To fathom that heroes reflect the greatest and worst in human nature, it’s important to know how compassion after the worst of destruction, results in ...view middle of the document...

In the film Frozen, to understand that heroes reflect the best and worst of human nature, it is important to know how the compassion – in which comes after the worst of destruction, develops love. Anti-protagonist – Elsa – displays destruction through her magical powers by “set [ting] off an eternal winter… everywhere”. The constant use of dark colours/moods and establishing shots of the frozen town enhances the impact of the vast destruction created. The use of the colours red and black, in the castle conflict scene, symbolises the danger and destruction; therefore, the worst of human nature. However, on the other hand, the protagonist – Anna – in the mist of witnessing the destruction of her sister ultimately wants to save Elsa (and the town), through displaying true love. The simple words from Anna, “I love you”- including close ups and warm colours - delivers positive connotations and a sense of meaning and connection, displaying the best of human nature. Frozen shows that heroes do reflect the best and worst of human nature through the compassion and love after destruction, as well as the destruction itself.

The sacrifices for survival and the need for sacrifices displays the best and worst of human nature. The sacrifice of oneself for the survival of others portrays the best. Ender, in the presence of a possible annihilating war, is the sacrifice to save the human race. Ender sacrifices his freedom for the need of survival, Graff talks about “humans [being] free except when humanity needs them”. The absence of acceptance and love from real friends especially throughout battle school is a strong example of the needed sacrifice for survival, Colonel Graff throughout the novel “surround[s] him with enemies all the time”. Overall, the sacrifice of Ender’s freedom, acceptance and love for the survival of human race displays the best in human nature, the selfless act of giving up oneself for the “will to survive”. On the other hand, the worst of human nature is portrayed through the need of sacrifice. The presence of annihilation/war puts humans and the buggers at...

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