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Heroic Archetypes Essay

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The world is filled with everyday conflicts that people must struggle through. In order to overcome these conflicts, people rely on leaders to help them manage and excell. Throughout history, there has been many meaningful leaders that have helped out the people in need, just like every other hero the world has ever seen. But leaders are nothing but people with strong, positive character. But there are also other people that society can learn from that also have strong character, but don’t make good decisions. Throughout the tragedy Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, Oedipus Rex is one of these people who show strong character. When analyzing the actions and thoughts of Oedipus Rex, through the flaws and virtues of Hubris, it is clear that he is a model for contemporary readers.
Oedipus Rex shows flaws through hubris throughout the tragedy, making him a good model for contemporary readers. Hubris is the excessive pride or arrogance in a person. This is a very bad trait to have in general because it shows that an individual believes that they are better than everyone else. Obviously it is known that hubris is a bad, trait since it led to the murder of Jocasta, Laius and the blinding of Oedipus Rex. Oedipus directly brags about how he destroyed the Sphinx and no one could “ till I came, the unlettered Oedipus, and ended her, By sleight of wit, and untaught of augury”(Young 15). Basically, Oedipus believes that he single handedly saved the town, and for that single reason, he believes that he deserves more than everyone else. This shows his arrogance since he is bragging about his accomplishments in destroying the Sphinx, instead of having humility and nobility. Hubris is a good characteristic to study since we can now know how this character trait can destroy someone’s life. By studying him, it shows what not to do in the future to help the people. For example, it is clear that the

president of the United States doesn’t have Hubris since he is modest, and that society has learned from Oedipus’s mistakes. Oedipus...

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