Heroic Comparisons; Beowulf Vs. Ulysses Class Essay

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Heroic Comparisons
Beowulf vs. Ulysses
“Ulysses” and “Beowulf” present a similarity on certain aspect, while having many differences that are both physical and emotional.
The similarity between “Ulysses” and “Beowulf” is that they are adventurous. Ulysses has a fear of withering away, “ I will drink life to the lees “and would rather die having done all his heart desire than die with a crown on his head. He desired to have a life full with excitement and heroism instead of having one that is dull. Same can be said for Beowulf except on a warrior perspective. As he travel to herot to battle the monster Grendel, “ Grendel and I are called together, and I’ve come”. He has taken it as his duty to rid herot of Grendel even if he shall die in the process.
The differences between the two are great and many. Ulysses compare to Beowulf seem wise but selfish, He is a king who does not show any care for his people, as he thinks of leaving the kingdom at once giving it to his son without thoughts. He rather follows his dream of making a name of himself “meet adoration to my household gods, when I am gone” while travelling with his friends. Meanwhile as Beowulf battle each monster and dragon,...

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