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Heroic Qualities Of Odysseus By Homer

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Two minutes till the bomb detonates. A nuclear bomb in his own cave, one powerful enough to take out the whole city, and only two minutes to decide its destiny. He has two options- one to leave the city and save himself on his bat mobile, or find a way to save the city. As a true hero would, Batman chooses the second path. In the Dark Knight Rises, Batman exemplifies the makeup of a true hero- one who uses his wits, courage, and wisdom to save his people. He may have been portrayed with glamorous looks and an amazing costume, but on the inside, he maintained the makeup of a real hero. But how does this relate to the Odyssey? The hero in Homer's novel was Odysseus. He proved himself as an ...view middle of the document...

(191)" His crew would have never continued if they knew she was ahead of them. It was also wise on Odysseus' part to keep quiet about his return to Ithaca. If he would have revealed himself, it would have created a setup death from the Suitors. They were already planning to kill his son, Telemachus: "...Telemachus, I say, must not escape us, but here and now we must think of some way of destroying him...(255)" Soon enough, they would have killed Odysseus if they were indeed killing his son as well. Again, it proved wise to keep quiet. Few, if any, other heroes could even compare to his wisdom, yet it was incomparable when partnered with his wits.
Odysseus was known throughout his life as a witty person. One instance was when he stabbed Polyphemus's eye. He used the false name of "Nohbody" to escape attack from the other Cyclops. When he and his men were trapped in the Cyclops' cave, Odysseus comes up with a plan to get out of there safely. After eating two of his men, Odysseus calls for action. He now appears to the Cyclops being as friendly, offers Polyphemus wine and food. When the Cyclops asks Odysseus his name Odysseus replies “Nohbdy”. Then, falling asleep from the wine and heavy drinking, Odysseus and his men sharpen a stick and blind Polyphemus. Odysseus and his brain are a step ahead, knowing if they kill the Cyclops, the boulder preventing their escape will not be moved. They spear the Cyclops in the eye. The blinded Cyclops howls in pain and yelling to the other Cyclops “Nohbdy tricked me! Help, Nohbdy has blinded me!” Afterwards, he remarks of the use of his wits: "Friends, we're hardly strangers at meeting danger and this danger is no worse than what we faced when Cyclops penned us up in his vaulted cave with crushing force! But even from there my courage, my presence of mind and tactics saved us all" (12.226-230). There were many other times when Odysseus' wit was displayed. He was quick at creating false stories. When Odysseus first arrived back to the island of Ithaca, he told Athena, who was disguised as a young shepherd, a false story about his past within minutes. When Odysseus arrived at Eumaeus' hut, he also tells Eumaeus a false story, narrating of a place where he wasn't really from. "I am native of the broad lands of Crete [...] (221)" He told him of adventures he never really traveled as well. "On the fifth day we reached the great River of Egypt...For nine days we drifted, and on the tenth night, in pitch darkness, a great roller washed me up on the coast of Tesprotia, where my lord Pheidon, King of the Thesprotians, gave me free hospitality...(223)" When Odysseus planned to attack the Suitors, he asked some swineherds to assist him in the attack. He did it in a way that expressed a great deal of wit on his part. "If it came to fighting...

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