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There are several theories that indirectly support the proposed argument of deviant soldier behaviors. It is extremely difficult for soldiers to readapt to civilian life after being exposed to the traumatic realities of the armed forces. Theories such as institutionalization, differential association, and violentization substantiate this subject mater.
Johnson and Rhodes (2007) describe Institutionalism as a syndrome first recognized and described in inpatient psychiatric facilities, which is now used to describe a set of maladaptive behaviors that are evoked by the pressures of living in any institutional setting, which predicts and explains an individual’s response to that ...view middle of the document...

With this theory, they learn the techniques of certain crimes, specific logic, and motives. However, These associations vary. Differential association theory explains why any individual would become deviant. Sutherland’s theory proposes 9 basic elements:
1. Criminal behavior is learned.
Which means that criminal behavior is not inherited. Deviancy can only be trained, not invented.
2. Criminal behavior is learned in interaction with other persons in a process of communication.
3. The principal part of the learning of criminal behavior occurs within intimate personal groups.
4. When criminal behavior is learned, the learning includes (a) techniques of committing the crime, which are sometimes very simple; (b) the specific direction of motives, drives, rationalizations, and attitudes.
5. The specific direction of the motives and drives is learned from definitions of the legal codes as favorable or unfavorable.
6. A person becomes delinquent because of an excess of definitions favorable to violation of law over definitions unfavorable to violation of law.
This is the concept of differential association. People become criminal, because of contacts with criminal patterns and because of the isolation from anti-criminal patterns.
7. Differential association may vary in frequency, duration, priority, and intensity.
8. The process of learning criminal behavior by association with criminal and anti-criminal patterns involve all of the mechanisms that are involved in any other learning.
This suggests that the learning of criminal behavior is not limited to imitation.
9. While criminal behavior is an expression of general needs and values, it is not explained by those general needs and values since non-criminal behavior is an expression of the same needs and values. Thieves generally steal in order to secure money, but likewise honest laborers work in order to money. The attempts to explain criminal behavior by general drives and values such as the money motive have been, and must complete to be, futile, since they explain lawful behavior as completely as they explain criminal behavior. They are similar to respiration, which is necessary for any behavior, but which does not differentiate criminal from noncriminal behavior. (Sutherland, 1974)
Combing differential association with the concept soldiers becoming serial killers entails that this deviant behavior is learned as opposed to being inherited. Superiors are teaching soldiers these heinous behaviors. This theory highlights the notion that people become criminal, because of contacts with criminal patterns and because of the isolation from anti-criminal patterns. Soldiers are surrounded by the murder, massacre, butchery, and slaughter of several human beings daily. By this theory, soldiers are simply acting on the criminal patterns that they are surrounded by. It would be unreasonable to assume that this learned mentality could function in an uncontrolled environment without treatment.

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