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These two drugs bleed the world more than any other for very different reasons.It is a slow painful death robbing individuals of choice and diverting billions of dollars to drug suppliers. There are plenty of drugs available in every neighborhood. They are all around us, ranging in addictiveness, deadliness, and availability. The two most damaging to society and the individual are readily available despite decades of the best efforts by the U.S. and every other nation around the world. A 16 year old can get heroin or crack easier than alcohol or cigarettes because dealers don’t I.D and often deliver (Drug Crazy, Mike Grey ) Heroin and most opiates derive from the poppy plant Papaver somniferum. Which displays a beautiful flower when in full bloom. Opium is the sticky tarry substance produced within these plants seed pod. (dorsman 1998) for 6,000 years the opium poppy has been cultivated for use in various medicinal preparations. (dorsman 1998) Heroin was first synthesized from morphine in 1898 by the bayer company in Germany. It got it’s name from the german heroisch which means powerful. This semisynthetic enters the brain quicker than morphine because chemically it’s more soluble in fat. Once in the brain it turns back into morphine. (dorsman1998) Heroin arrives in our homes from all around the world. From one point turkey was a major some of white powder heroin into the U.S. through the infamous “French connection and when this ended other countries took up the torch to fill this void. the golden triangle: Loas, Mynamar, and Thailand now fed the U.S heroin along with Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. Along with Central Asia, nations of Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Purity of heroin increased from 5% to about 18%.(Levinthal)

In a shrewd marketing strategy Columbian drug procedures in the late 1990’s sometimes paired their cocaine traffickers with heroin. Piggy backing heroin through cocaine distributing lines already in place. As cocaine demand reduced and heroin demand increased. These suppliers often made much more off the heroin than cocaine, creating more addicts and they were able to make cheaper, purer heroin effectively taking over the heroin market in the U.S from Asia. (Levinthal) It should also be mentioned Mexico created, in 1985, black tar heroin. Relatively pure and inexpensive. (Levinthal)

There is evidence of smoking opium 3,000 year ago. (dorsman) Though now heroin can be smoked, administered intravenously,snorting the powder version, or absorbed through mucous membranes of the mouth or rectums. It goes by many street names (big bag, big H, blanco, bomb, boy, brother, brown, brown rocks, brown sugar, caballo, cat, chich, chinese red, chinese white, chiva, crap, dogie, doojee, dope, duji, dust, eight, flea powder, garbage, good stuff, H hard stuff, harry, H-caps, henry , him, horse, hombre, Jones, “joy powder”, junk, mexican mud, mojo, muzzle, pack poison, poop, powder, pure, red...

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