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Heroin is one of the most deadly drugs out in the streets today. Maybe people use heroin once a day, or whenever they have enough money. Heroin wasn't meant to bring harm to anyone, it was just a medicine for patients in a hospital. Then the drug got to popular and made it out into the streets where many people abuse it. (Woods, 42)In the year 1898, a scientist working at a German drug company called Bayer tried to make a pain killer twenty times stronger then morphine. He succeeded, and called this new drug 'heroin', which is a German word that means powerful. Many scientist and people were afraid of the drug because they thought it might have been bad for you. So about forty scientists studied heroin from the year 1898 and 1905. Not one of those scientist could find anything bad with it, they didn't even find out that it was addictive. (Woods, 12)People use this drug to 'feel better'. Since the 1960s, many more people wanted to feel better by using this drug. About 1,799,000 males have said that they use heroin more then once. 854,000 females have said they had used it more then once. One time using heroin can, and most likely will lead to an addiction. Heroin users will rob, and even kill to get the money needed to buy the drug. People who use heroin not only threaten themselves, but their whole community. (Snyder, 71)Heroin comes from the opium poppy plant called Papaver somiferum. Papaver somiferum means 'the poppy that brings sleep". Opium was found 5,000 years ago and still is being used in the medicines we have today. Its first stage is 'freezing' a person. When a person is in the first stage, it could be 90 degrees outside and the person can feel like it is cold enough to snow. Opium is a painkiller, it calms a person down, and it puts the person to sleep. (Snyder, 19)One shot of heroin can put you in a coma, cause you to go unconscious or even kill you. As soon as it enters the bloodstream, it is changed into morphine by the liver and starts to make analgesia, which is pain reduction. Seconds after the injection of heroin, a pleasant feeling goes throughout the body for a couple of minutes. (Snyder, 65)Heroin looks like white to dark brown power or tar. In order for a user to use it, he/she needs to inject it into a vein, inject it into a muscle, smoked in a water pipe or normal pipe, or mixed in marijuana joint or a regular cigarette. It can also be burned and the person would inhale it using a straw, or it can be snorted as power through the nose, which is known as "chasing the dragon". (DFA)Other names for heroin are smack, horse, mud, brown...

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1184 words - 5 pages Most people do not know much about heroin. According to a statement made by Alan I. Leshner Director of The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) at the congressional testimony on November 15, 1999, there are over 810, 000 people addicted to Heroin in the United states (National Institutes of Health). For that reason, it is of much importance for people to learn more about heroin, the different ways it is used, its effects, and the way

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1624 words - 7 pages Heroin Addiction Heroin addicts have the psychological dependence on heroin that leads them into the state of self-destruction and the possibility that may lead to death by the extreme use of heroin addiction. Never estimate the poppy flower for its power that withholds the fiend for enslavement of great happiness and numbness it may contain for many centuries. The heroin addiction nation is a self numbing injection and dry approach to have the

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1318 words - 6 pages people that he is responsible for are not looking for anything like that. They are simply looking for Jerry, looking"¦for revenge. Injected, snorted, sniffed or smoked, heroin usually has the same result, addiction. With some luck, maybe a couple of trips to rehab, drug rehab meetings and a hell of a lot of counseling would save many lives. Then again, for some people, their addiction takes them to much worse places. Heroin causes

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1084 words - 5 pages Smack, brown sugar, dope, horse, skag, H, junk, skunk, white horse, Mexican black tar, or China white. It is the schools unseen drug epidemic, and its killing more and more people. The drug is heroin. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, “heroin use has risen 80 percent among teenagers and deaths from overdose in young people between 15 and 24 years has increased by 38 percent nationwide.” With the

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1235 words - 5 pages . and every other nation around the world. A 16 year old can get heroin or crack easier than alcohol or cigarettes because dealers don’t I.D and often deliver (Drug Crazy, Mike Grey ) Heroin and most opiates derive from the poppy plant Papaver somniferum. Which displays a beautiful flower when in full bloom. Opium is the sticky tarry substance produced within these plants seed pod. (dorsman 1998) for 6,000 years the opium poppy has been

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1114 words - 5 pages Heroin, the drug that has been around for centuries has been making a come into American street. It popularity is growing to the size coke and crack had in the eighties. This time how ever its happening in the rural parts of America. Instead of the the cities like most drug out breaks. Where did this drug come from and what makes it different from any other drug that is on the market? Heroin's origins go back long before Christ was a bleep on

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1300 words - 5 pages discovered diacetylmorphine or Heroin. Heroin was at first considered a safer, stronger but less addictive pain killer and was used by doctors everywhere. However doctors soon found out that it was more dangerous and even more addictive. During the 70's heroin reemerged as a powerful drug but many were afraid to use it. Throughout the 80's strong anti-drug campaigns seemed to be winning the war on drugs. But, in 1996 people have become alert

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1496 words - 6 pages The use of heroin continues to climb in most areas. The number of varieties and sources of heroin available, combined with an increased domestic demand make the heroin market the fastest growing drug market reported. While there are indications of increased use of heroin among younger, suburban users, it is the cadre of older, inner-city heroin users that drive the heroin market. Almost all areas report that the majority of heroin users are

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620 words - 2 pages Heroin is an illegal, highly addictive drug. It is an opiate, which produced from the liquid sap of the opium poppy plant. It was first developed in Germany in 1898 as a stronger and supposedly non-addictive form of morphine. Usually, it is sold as a white or brownish powder or as the black sticky substance Known on the streets as ¡§black tar heroin¡¨. Although white and brownish powder is becoming more common, most streets

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