Heroin A Long Dark Path Essay

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An introduction to Heroin- The use of hard drugs in America is on a steady rise. Heroin is one of the biggest reasons for this. Heroin is one of the most dangerous highly addictive drugs on the black market today. A board member on the National Institute of Health estimated that there are currently about 600,000 heroin addicts in the U.S. alone. Only an estimated 115,000 thousand of those addicts have been admitted into a treatment program. As the demand grows greater for this substance, the purity gets greater, the market gets bigger and the problem gets worse.Heroin is an illegal, highly addictive drug. It is both the most abused and the most rapidly growing drug in the opiate family. It is typically sold as a white or brownish powder. There is also a form that is black and sticky known on the streets as ?black tar heroin?. Opiates are drugs that are derived from a naturally occurring substance found in the poppy plant. Although the purity of the heroin that reaches the streets is becoming greater, most street heroin is cut or diluted. Usually this is done with another drug, or a substance such as sugar, starch, powdered milk, or quinine. Street heroin can also be cut with strychnine or other poisons. The reason heroin is one of the most deadly drugs is because there are varying rates at which the drug is diluted. Therefore a user never knows exactly how pure the drug is, hence, they do not know how much of the drug they should take, often leading to an overdose. Like alcohol, heroin is a depressant that slows down all the body functions. But heroin differs from alcohol in two very significant ways. It does not destroy body organs, like the liver or kidney, the way alcohol does. That is why heroin dependency can last for years. Second, an abuser usually does not die from the symptoms experienced from the withdrawal although it may often feel like the user?s body is being torn from the inside out. This is so unpleasant it drives many addicts back for another hit. The deaths associated with heroin are from overdosing rather than withdrawal. These so-called good differences are now being peddled to a new generation that has been bombarded with the negative effects of other addictive drugs like alcohol and cocaine.There are three common ways in which to take the drug. The most common form is intravenously through a needle. You can also sniff the powder form, or smoke it. Because needles are often the most popular way to take the drug, making needle sharing a very common practice. This leaves heroin users with a high risk of catching HIV, hepatitis, or a number of other diseases. The National Institute of Health released data, which said that up to 50 percent of all heroin users eventually contract HIV. These startling numbers have pushed some city?s to starting programs that provide free needles for anyone that wants them, in theory cutting down on needle sharing. These programs are in huge debate among congress. One side says that the needle...

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1903 words - 8 pages dying("Opiates"). Therefore, many health effects have developed from this drug that can lead to a chronic illness.Heroin has a great affect on the mind and body. It produces short term effects as well as many damaging long term and mental effects. Physical signs of a heroin addict may be a sunken face, protruding cheekbones, and hallow dark circles under the eyes("Opiates"). Many short term effects occur while the drug is first being used. With

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1732 words - 7 pages in suppressing cough and fever. However, Lang claimed that heroin was the harmless alternative. Lang admitted that while he had not witnessed the long-term effects of heroin, he was “morally certain that they [would] be satisfactory.” Additionally, Lang concluded that heroin was “absolutely devoid of toxicity,” --an idea that would have little merit in today’s medicine. There was a tendency among doctors to speculate on the nature of a drug


622 words - 2 pages body. It can also change the brain stem, an area that controls automatic functions, and depress breathing. After the initial effects, abusers will usually be drowsy for several hours. The cardiac function slows; breathing is severely slow, sometimes to the point of death. Heroin overdose is a huge risk for people.Long-Term Effects One of the most dangerous long-term effects of heroin is addiction. Heroin abusers gradually spend more and more time


620 words - 2 pages change the brain stem, an area that controls automatic functions, and depress breathing. After the initial effects, abusers will usually be drowsy for several hours. The cardiac function slows; breathing is severely slow, sometimes to the point of death. Heroin overdose is a huge risk for people.Long-Term Effects One of the most dangerous long-term effects of heroin is addiction. Heroin abusers gradually spend more and more time and energy obtaining

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1455 words - 6 pages The Transformation of Heroin from a Wonder Drug to an Abused Narcotic In 1898, the Bayer Company in Germany developed an opium derivative ten times more potent than morphine. This new drug was seen as a wonder drug and to suggest the heroic curative power of this new drug, its creators named it heroin. Heroin has transformed over the years from a prominent pharmaceutical drug to a very addictive and misused drug (Freeman 48). Heroin

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1429 words - 6 pages to be focused on. Because of illegal importation and distribution, and the many people whoare addicted choose to turn to theft and prostitution to obtain money to buy the drug, heroin has been long associated with crime. In addition, addicts generally like to purchase more heroin than what they may actually need, taint it, and sell what is left over in order to finance their own habits. Sadly, this is what results in a huge selling system that

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2011 words - 8 pages users. Like a heart attack, the chance of surviving a heroin overdose depends mostly on how fast medical assistance is received. Multiple studies have shown that death from an overdose occurs one to three hours after the victim has initially ingested or injected drugs (Heroin Facts). Long term effects are bad teeth, inflammation of the gums, constipation, cold sweats, itching, weakening of the immune system, coma, respiratory illnesses, muscular

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1066 words - 4 pages are: what is it, how it's used, long term and short term effects, medical complications, and treatments for addiction. Heroin is part of the opiate family. It is derived from morphine, which is extracted from the seed pods on the poppy plant. Morphine is sold as a powder or as a sticky black substance known as "black tar." Morphine is often cut with sugars, starches, and sometimes even poisons. Potency of heroin has


1220 words - 5 pages sharing needles. Repeated sniffing of heroin damages the nose. Reduced appetite caused by Heroin use can lead to disease as a result of a poor diet and self-neglect. Because people become dependent, money problems can occur because of the cost of satisfying the next ?fix?.Also, the addiction itself can be a long-term effect. People will keep doing it just so their withdrawal symptoms will go away. Heroin becomes a physical dependency. Withdrawal

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1377 words - 6 pages interest in hobbies and favorite activities, and a decreasing attention to hygiene and physical appearance TimberlineKnolls.Com.” One of the worst behavioral signs of heroin use is having hostile behaviors toward loved ones, including blaming them for withdrawal or broken commitments. Going along with this, heroin use has long been associated with crime. The importation and distribution of Heroin is illegal and yet many addicted people turn to theft

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1561 words - 6 pages with oriental prostitutes to achieve a dream-state of euphoria. With that euphoria comes a bag of side effects from short too long-term. As soon as you shoot up severe itching and vomiting may ensue, and the heart and breathing slow down sometimes to the point of death. Heroin affects the brain stem, which controls the automatic body functions, and the limbic system, which controls the emotions we feel and the longer someone uses heroin

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2198 words - 9 pages "gear" (United Kingdom). Across the United States, the sources and qualities of heroin vary. The colors of heroin vary from dark brown to white because of the impurities from the developing process. The Eastern and Western parts of the United States are divided into a few different types of heroin (United States). There are two main types of heroin. One type is called "White Powder Heroin". It is extremely pure, meaning it is a genuine

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1496 words - 6 pages is seen on the street. Black tar heroin looks like tootsie roll candy and/or dark caramel and has a strong vinegar odor to it. Black Tar heroin is packaged in small pieces of aluminum foil, tightly wrapped plastic and/or cellophane from cigarette packages. The heroin affects the brain's pleasure and pain system. It interferes with the brain's ability to perceive pain and activates the brain's pleasure system. The drug is fast acting, especially

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915 words - 4 pages . (Snyder, 19)One shot of heroin can put you in a coma, cause you to go unconscious or even kill you. As soon as it enters the bloodstream, it is changed into morphine by the liver and starts to make analgesia, which is pain reduction. Seconds after the injection of heroin, a pleasant feeling goes throughout the body for a couple of minutes. (Snyder, 65)Heroin looks like white to dark brown power or tar. In order for a user to use it, he/she needs to

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851 words - 4 pages seven percent of the users are under the age of twenty one years. The Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) collects information about drug related emergencies. The organization has identified that, heroin emergencies are very common (Research Council of Norway, 2013). Heroin has been mentioned to be most prevalent in Baltimore, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco. When a person takes heroin for a long time then stops abruptly, he/she experiences