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Heroin Abuse Essay

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Paper about the growing abuse of heroin in today's society Need to use more sources.Drugs have been around for hundreds of years. Indians were known to have used Opium and other drugs for medical and various other purposes. During the 7th Century A.D. in China a drug emerged called Opium. Opium, the dry juice from immature seed pods of the opium poppy plant, is a narcotic drug that is very powerful in the relief of pain but is also very addictive. At the beginning Opium was like any other drug, but then people unaware of the harm it could cause began to use it more and more often. During the 19th century in China there was a period called the Opium Wars where the use of Opium had become such a problem the government tried to prohibit it. But by then no one could stop its growth. In 1803 the compound responsible for the painkilling effect was found and called Morphine. This discovery brought even more use of Opium. Finally in 1898 a chemist discovered diacetylmorphine or Heroin. Heroin was at first considered a safer, stronger but less addictive pain killer and was used by doctors everywhere. However doctors soon found out that it was more dangerous and even more addictive. During the 70's heroin reemerged as a powerful drug but many were afraid to use it. Throughout the 80's strong anti-drug campaigns seemed to be winning the war on drugs. But, in 1996 people have become alert to the increase in Heroin addiction. Heroin use has doubled every year since 1992. What caused the use of heroin to increase? The growth of heroin abuse has increased in the United States because famous musicians and movie stars have been caught with the drug, because pop culture continues to make heroin seem glamorous, and because babyboomers have a relaxed view on drugs.To begin with, the abuse of heroin has increased because famous musicians and movie stars have been caught with the drug or have been known to use it. Kurt Cobain, lead singer for Nirvana, openly admitted to abusing the drug and checked himself into a detox center weeks before his suicide. Kurt Cobain had chronic stomach problems and was always looking for something to ease the pain. During an interview with MTV he commented on his stomach pain with, 'The pain in my stomach made me feel like a junky so if I was going to feel like a junky I might as well become one.' Cobain's stomach pains made him look, talk, and feel like a wrecked individual. So he figured that if he was going to appear that way, he might as well be that way. Young fans of Kurt Cobain see his attitude on life and try to mimmick it by not caring what they do to their bodies. Many fans only saw Cobain in the spotlight were he seemed to be above everyone and everything, Cobain was one of the most successful musicians of the 90's and everything he did was seen under a microscope. With his admission to drugs he brought heroin back out of the underground and into pop culture where many more kids could see it. Also, Stone Temple Pilots frontman...

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1323 words - 6 pages help.After seeing what can happen to a person with a heroin addiction, you should now know enough to stay away from drugs in the future. Any drug can ruin your life, you body, and your mind. You won?t be able to think or act quickly in any situation, this state can be deadly. So, go out and tell others about the dangers of drug use and drug abuse.

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