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Heroin Addiction Essay

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Heroin Addiction
Heroin addicts have the psychological dependence on heroin that leads them into the state of self-destruction and the possibility that may lead to death by the extreme use of heroin addiction. Never estimate the poppy flower for its power that withholds the fiend for enslavement of great happiness and numbness it may contain for many centuries. The heroin addiction nation is a self numbing injection and dry approach to have the mind under the state of the greatest feeling of great happiness leaving the pain behind under the spell of heroin. Heroin comes in many forms for addicts to enjoy in their own way. They come in powder and rock like form also combines with other narcotics. The snorting form for heroin is not likely effective for a great high to needle injection. Also the smoking of heroin is putting the rock heroin on the foil, lighting the foil underneath for the heroin to evaporate into smoke and the other rolled foil made as a tube used for smoking the heroin fume to get high and also called chasing the dragon. And now the injection the number one addicts use the quick fix and the royal highness to the external world of great happiness to never feel pain to be spellbound to heroin. The injection habit comes with a price of catching Hepatitis and HIV also the more the injection to ones vein may cause the vein to collapse, making users approach to other veins that are too dangerous to use but attempt to get a hit of bliss. The drug that is a way to take the easy way out of emotion and physical pain away for better greater feeling once injected. This flower can take everything one own and love away with the push of the needle. The fear of pain has a cure but comes with the price of becoming a slave to heroin.
Heroin the most addictive flower to be hooked for life also the destroyer of life. The poppy flower that grasp humankind to its knees and holds them enslave to the great happiness and numbness to the savory of the mind wanting more. This poppy flower has addicts doing more work to have another fix of the poppy flower juice created into heroin for another dose of heroin high. The heroin is easy to come by if searching in the direction for a greatest happiness and numbing approach. Heroin is the number one dope that could be sold at a cheaper price with a quick fix to get the heroin high. The people that can’t afford their medications through doctor’s orders or a single over-the-medication they look toward heroin the most used addictive flower that may take away the pain for a few three hours of pain free. The hook to heroin never lets one go making the mind crave for more like chocolate with the sweetness that gives the careless feeling of becoming less than human but a junkie and a dope fiend. America is the dope fiend paradise where addicts can get a fix anywhere without being notice of using of heroin it is where the drug lands in from Mexico, South America, Asia like Laos and Vietnam and Afghanistan the number one...

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620 words - 2 pages change the brain stem, an area that controls automatic functions, and depress breathing. After the initial effects, abusers will usually be drowsy for several hours. The cardiac function slows; breathing is severely slow, sometimes to the point of death. Heroin overdose is a huge risk for people.Long-Term Effects One of the most dangerous long-term effects of heroin is addiction. Heroin abusers gradually spend more and more time and energy obtaining


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1323 words - 6 pages are physical or mental, others are behavioral. Such changes include, decreased sexual pleasure or indifference to sex and committing a crime to get money for more heroin. Although these are bad enough consequences as to lead someone off the path to drug addiction, there are still people who take their addiction all the way. The number of deaths heroin causes goes up every year. Causes are because of an overdose, they?re so sedated, they slip

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