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Heroin In Schools Essay

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Smack, brown sugar, dope, horse, skag, H, junk, skunk, white horse, Mexican black tar, or China white. It is the schools unseen drug epidemic, and its killing more and more people. The drug is heroin. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, “heroin use has risen 80 percent among teenagers and deaths from overdose in young people between 15 and 24 years has increased by 38 percent nationwide.” With the increase in heroin, it is essential that parents, grandparents and friends are aware and get involved if they become suspicious of drug abuse among someone.
Heroin is an opiate. Opiate drugs are naturally obtained from the flowers of the poppy plant or ...view middle of the document...

Brown heroin is also easier to make because it doesn’t require special equipment and burns at lower temperatures. On the other end of the spectrum, white heroin is a lot more difficult to produce. Making white heroin demands an extra step that turns it into a salt, which makes it water soluble and pure. Special chemicals, expertise and equipment are required. It can be very dangerous because it involves the use of a chemical that can explode if not handled carefully. People prefer injecting white heroin due to the fact that it burns at high temperatures and dissolves in water. The last form of heroin is black tar. Black tar heroin is usually manufactured in Mexico. Black tar is cheaper and faster to manufacture. It can be hard like coal or sticky like roofing tar. It is most commonly dissolved, diluted, and then injected. The purity of black tar ranges from 25 to 80 percent. Heroin abusers don’t ever know the strength of the drug or its contents, so they risk overdosing and dying after each drug purchase.
Smoking, shooting, and snorting are the three main ways to use heroin. Each method carries different risks and effects for the user. Heroin can be smoked through a pipe by mixing heroin with water or other liquids. Shooting heroin is also known as injecting heroin. It is one of the most dangerous ways to use heroin because it goes directly into the bloodstream. This use delivers the strongest high, but can also transmit several potentially deadly diseases. People snort heroin when it is crushed into powder. Heroin can be snorted into the nose in the same way as cocaine. Although this way is not as fast as snorting or shooting up, it delivers an impactful high. “Some people have died of a heroin overdose when they mistakenly snort heroin, thinking it is cocaine,” says
Heroin has destructive effects on the human body. The beginning effects of heroin include a sensational rush. This comes with a warm feeling of the skin and dry mouth. After the effects fade away the user becomes drowsy for several hours or even days. Bodily functions such as breathing and heartbeat start to slow down. Once the drug effects have decreased, the body starts to crave more. Withdrawal will...

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