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There are countless drugs that continue to be made, sold, and used in the United States everyday. With these numbers growing dramatically each year, its obvious that drug abuse has become a great concern. Drug use activates euphoric sensations and brain regions that produce physical dependence, which is what gets the user addicted to begin with. The drug makes them feel great at times but its only pushing them closer and closer to the edge of a steep cliff.
Heroin is a drug originated from opium poppy farms in South West Asia, South East Asia, and Latin America.“The opium poppy gum would then be converted to morphine in labs near the growing fields and then to heroin with sugars, starch, or powdered milk before selling it to addicts says The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia.” It is then sold in single-dose bags of 0.1 gram, each costing between five dollars and forty-six dollars. One pound of diluted heroin yields approximately 4,500 doses.
Heroin is a deadly drug that should not be messed with. It is a “downer” or depressant that affects the brain’s pleasure systems and interferes with the brain’s ability to perceive pain. This is why a lot of people get hooked on heroin, it takes away their pain and makes them have feelings of pleasure. The people that do use heroin can use it in many different ways. The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia states that “Heroin is usually injected but may also be smoked, or sniffed. Sharing of heroin needles significantly increases the risk of acquiring AIDS,” There is also a bigger range of paraphernalia that may be involved with heroin use. Some of these include: “Needles or syringes, burned silver spoons, water pipes or other pipes, and straws with burn marks TimberlineKnolls.com.” These are only a few of the options. Thats why heroin use is so destructive and dangerous. Its easy to get ahold of and easy to use. Especially since most of the needed paraphernalia can be found lying somewhere around the house.
On the contrary, it may be easy to find and use heroin and there may be some good feelings produced from it, but it is highly dangerous and does cause a lot of different effects on a user. There are certain signs to look for that are visible during and after heroin consumption. Some of these include: “Shortness of breath, dry mouth, small pupils, droopy appearances and cycles of hyper alertness TimberlineKnolls.Com.” Once again, these are only a few of the many signs of a heroin user. These can usually be seen the first time a person uses heroin, but there are also more serious behavioral signs of a intravenous heroin user. These can include: “lying or other deceptive behavior, avoiding eye contact, lack of interest in hobbies and favorite activities, and a decreasing attention to hygiene and physical appearance TimberlineKnolls.Com.” One of the worst behavioral signs of heroin use is having hostile behaviors toward loved ones, including blaming them for withdrawal or broken commitments.
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