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Heroism Essay

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Odysseus' journey in the Trojan War helped mold the fact that he is a hero. Before his journey home he was battling along with the Greeks in the Trojan War. The Greeks began to have confidence in that they wouldn't be able to take over the city of Troy, but thankfully, due to the knowledge of Odysseus', their hopes of conquering Troy rose once again. The Greeks built a huge, wooden horse and placed it in front of the entrance of Troy. The Trojans took the wooden horse as surrender from the Greeks, and welcomed the horse into their city. But the Trojan eyes were deceived, and the wise trick, thought of by Odysseus, was put into action. The huge, wooden horse was really holding the Greek warriors inside of it, “The horse which Odysseus led up to troy/ as a trap, filled with men who would/ destroy great Ilion ”(121, 534-536) The Greeks waited until the Trojans were asleep after celebrating the "surrender" from the Greeks, once everyone was asleep the Greeks light the city of Troy afire. The Greeks were victorious, and symbolized Odysseus as a hero and no one would try to fight against Odysseus due to his cunning actions.

Odysseus' journey back home also showed many factors of heroism. On his journey back home from battling in the Trojan way, him and his men are faced with a man-eating Cyclops named Polyphemus. "
You ask me my name, my glorious name, and I will tell it to you. Remember now, to give me the gift just as you promised. Noman is my name. They call me Noman--- My mother, my father, and all my friends, too.’ (135, 360-365)
Odysseus’ quick thinking trickery is very useful for him and his men at. But before Odysseus and his men blinded Polyphemus, they were held captive by the Cyclops and were looking death right in the face. After the men watched in horror as the Cyclops ate a few of the members of the crew, Odysseus thought of a cunning plan to trick the Cyclops into freeing himself and his men as well. "Cyclops, have some wine, now that you have eaten/ your human flesh, so you can see what kind of drink/ was in our ships hold ” (Pg 134,344-45). Odysseus tricked the Cyclops into drinking himself drunk. When the Cyclops asks Odysseus his name, Odysseus tells the Cyclops his name is "Nobody". And after a few more drinks, the Cyclops collapses because he is...

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