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Heroism Essay

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Who would imagine, George C. Wallace an American hero. Strong, courageous, noble and thoughtful are a few words used to describe a hero. Merriam-Webster (2014) dictionary defines a hero as a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities. Among several historical and controversial leaders, George Wallace and Gilgamesh are considered great heroes. However through their individual journeys they both learned how to humble themselves for the greater good of their society.
George C. Wallace was considered a handsome, strong and wise man during his younger days often times described as a boxing champion and football star. Although he was not born into royalty, he chose politics as his ...view middle of the document...

He is described as physically beautiful with a strong a body and mind. Gilgamesh was an arrogant leader. He was disrespectful to the people in his kingdom. He would take advantage of the fact that he was the king and would rape any woman he wanted no matter what her social status was within kingdom. Gilgamesh was an architect as well as a landscape designer because he built temples, surrounded the city with high walls and constructed the orchards and fields within his kingdom. He was very demanding of his subjects, forcing them to work very hard and long hours to achieve his goals. He was also a great warrior. After the people complained to the gods, a man who lived as a wild beast (Enkidu) was tamed and taken to Gilgamesh’s kingdom. Enkidu was just as strong, handsome and wise as Gilgamesh. However, the two men fought over the way Gilgamesh was treating his subjects a very special friendship was formed between the two. This great friendship caused Gilgamesh to learn respect, value and kindness towards...

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1563 words - 6 pages his nation first took strength beyond what any man has. It took the strength of a hero. Beowulf clearly showed that he was truly a hero because he had wisdom and fortitude. There are many types of heroes and Beowulf may not be a hero like Superman or Spiderman, but there is no doubt that Beowulf was a hero beyond compare. Many of the above examples heroism were closely related, this is because a true hero needs to be able to have the wisdom to know what to do and fortitude to do it.

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