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Hershey And Child Labor Essay

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We call on the Hershey company to take steps to reduce or eliminate abusive child labor from their chocolate supply chains in West Africa.
The Hershey company purchases their main ingredient, cocoa, from West Africa, mainly from Ivory Coast, where they are notorious for abusive child labor. About 89 percent of the children in the Ivory Coast work to get the cocoa. The Hershey Company has not done much against child slavery because it keeps the cost of cocoa cheap, which allows chocolate to be also low of cost.
The children involved with the Hershey Chocolate Company face horrible hard labor. Children chosen to work for Hershey are stolen or purchased from their parents and then sent to the Ivory Coast. Most will never see their families again. In an investigative report by the BBC, they found out that hundreds of thousands of children sold by their parents, sometimes believing ...view middle of the document...

The courageous children that try to escape this cruel life sometimes get caught, and if they do they get viciously beaten or whipped. As researching these horrible abusive acts done by the child labor owners, i’ve realized that they are inhumane. If human rights mean anything to you, these children don’t deserve to be treated this way. They should be able to get an education and not be sold or stolen for the benefit of the Hershey company. The children are being sold, which is a human right violation.
Since the discovery of human trafficking and child labor was found in many of the Hershey companies labor camps, Hershey’s competitors have fought to end the abusive child labor work. LAMPERS (Louisiana Municipal Police Employees' Retirement System) stated; that Hershey has violated the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, although Hershey stated that LAPMERS failed to give credible facts and were not found guilty. By signing this petition, those who sign can make a change. Hershey should be confronted buying and stealing these children.This should not be acceptable when a huge company like Hershey commits a crime, especially when many citizens all over the world are somewhat aware of the crime. People who are aware of this have bought chocolate, need to confront Hershey’s company. There needs to be a change, these children who are working for Hershey have no right to education and their childhood. By taking away these aspects of life away, the children are deprived of something we Americans find to be a simple aspect of life that the unfortunate children working for Hershey’s would love to have but cannot. This petition will help us confront Hershey about the wrong, hurtful crimes that are being done to those children and enable them to do something about it. After signing this petition it will be sent to John P. Bilbery, the CEO of the Hershey company. If enough of us sign this, there is a huge possibility that we can reduce the number of child labor’s or get rid of them completely.

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