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Mrs. LusardiAP ChemistryDear AP Chemistry Student and Parent,Welcome to AP Chemistry! I am excited to begin this journey with you! For those of you that do not know me, my name is Mrs. Danielle Lusardi and I will be your instructor for AP Chemistry for the 2013-2014 school year. In case you want to know a little bit about me, here's some background information. I was born and raised here on Long Island. This is my 6th year teaching, 4th year at St. Anthony's. Prior to teaching, I worked in a lab as a chemist for 2 years, but found I am much too social to work independently in a lab. I have taught Biology, Regents Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, AP Chemistry and Physics. I graduated from the University of Delaware with a double-major in Chemistry and Business Administration. I played sports my whole life, both in high school and in college, so I have mastered the juggling of academics and athletics. I also have two young children, who keep me very busy when I am not teaching or coaching here at St. Anthony's.Overview of Course Expectations:2014 AP Chemistry Exam- Monday May 5th! AP Chemistry is a college level course. It is a time-consuming and challenging, yet extremely rewarding course. This course moves at a very fast pace and classroom attendance is a MUST! Students will be prepared to do college level work of any type upon completion of this course due to the thought processes used and the discipline/work habits required. To have success on the AP exam, students will need to spend on average five to ten additional hours per week outside of class working on AP Chemistry. This time will be spent on homework assignments, pre-labs, lab reports, problem sets, etc. These statements are not meant to discourage, but to point out and state the truth to avoid any misconceptions about the high expectations for this course. I will do my very best to provide a college level course/experience which not only prepares you for the AP exam, but provides...

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512 words - 3 pages "Baby Brother"Namesake of the biblical"Uncle Buck"Prophet, noble and strong"Buck""Frog"Favorite sayings:1) "Who started all this?"2) (Referring to where he was when various people were born, e.g.When my sister Shirley was born in 1953 He was home on leave from Korea: "Look like to me ya'll need to get Muriel to the hospital;hurry up and get that girl to the hospital"- every time for Shirley's b-day and any time in between3) "Hey there!"4) "Don't jump

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983 words - 4 pages , my brother. Hey, you never explained that sad vibe of yours," replied Jimi."I was just booed off the stage for attempting to 'cross over'""Hey man, I heard you out there. You weren't half bad. They'll come around." Jimi was picking the tune to "Purple Haze," which, at the time, was still unknown.Dylan asked, "Whatcha pickin', man.""Oh just a little something I've been working on," replied Jimi."Well, this is a folk crowd. That type of music won't

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785 words - 4 pages ] Inner Voice: This really is a beautiful house, I thought. The elaborate carvings that ran along its eaves, its cerulean shutters, even the interestingly melodic creaking sound the steps made when I stepped down and lifted up. I hoped to use this house later as a setting in one of the stories I’d created. [Tico knocks on the door. It opens and his sister Debbie appears from behind it] Tico: Hey Debs! Happy Thanksgiving! Debbie: [somewhat forced] Hey

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764 words - 4 pages “A view from the Bridge” is a play by Arthur Miller in which the suspense and tension is built up. The story is about a mid-aged man named Eddie who has feelings for his niece, Catherine, of whom he has been taking care of since she was young. Catherine had fallen in love with a man called Rodolfo, who was an illegal immigrant Italy, who also arrived with his older brother. Although Eddie does not admit the affection he has towards her to anyone

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959 words - 4 pages voice he said, "I'm going to kill you and chop you into little pieces and put you into the garbage hole." He laughed again. "Biggest suckers in the solar system." This tells the reader that Peter knows he has complete control of Ender, and that he can manipulate him in any shape or form to do what he desires. Power is also shown through the more major social groups of the people Ender finds at school, consisting of bullies and enemies. “Hey

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1109 words - 5 pages the bartender. Two hour past Midnight has had three drinks and Seth has had two and won five games of pool. Then three stallions walked in. One Earth pony Pegasus and a unicorn. {A heads up. This is the mafia} “Hey it’s that kid from earlier today boss.” Said the one on the left. Midnight got off his stool and stepped in front of the three stallions “Didn’t I tell you to stay away from my brother?” “Now you listen to me. I have no need to

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616 words - 3 pages intrinsic drive in the Russian people, singing phrases like “But there is a sky of the Slavs boiling in our veins”, “But Russian speech clanks by chain armor” (Alisa), “You have been a victim of crazy waters – in a death battle with wind. You put your hands in the sky and wait for Rod's (the Slavic deity of Fate) answer” “Hey, hey, cheer up! Hoy, hoy, go in fight again! If you are brave you are stronger.”(Arkona). These Slavic remembrances claim a


556 words - 2 pages Duringmy junior year in high school, in 1980, i had a mystical revelation. one day while i was wlking down the hall from one class to another, by myself, as usual, it suddenly dawned on me that it was all right to be who i was.The thought just came to me:"Hey, you're all right. Everything is all right." The idea was hardly earthshaking, but i was a different person by the time I reached the end of the hall. Had I been methodical i would I would

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1200 words - 5 pages was my older brother although I was a year older than he. He was bigger than I in height and in thickness. I think he was big because he loved drinking milk. "Hey, I have an idea follow me," I whispered into Dom's ear as we headed through the kitchen where my mom was cleaning. She eyed us curiously and asked, "What are you boys up to?" "Mom, we're just going to play in the backyard." Even though our backyard was small, it seemed quite large to us

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1672 words - 7 pages back of the head with his fist, and I started to chase my brother as we made it the door we saw our brother Pedro pulling up in the driveway."Hey guys I need to talk to you guys," said Pedro."Come and eat now," yelled Maria. Well as we made it to the kitchen I noticed a green hand civic driving slow past our house."Omar look at that hand civic," I told Omar, and as we looked at that car it just drove by. Well as we were eating our tacos the phone

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1454 words - 6 pages from one of the tours overhears and says, “Wow, you sure know a lot about this; I’m impressed.” After this whole series of events (this annoys me the most) my parents become so proud of their son (my brother) as if I do not exist. I just want to shout out at them saying, “Hey, I exist!” Sigh, “It would be nice to live here on my own.” I said thoughtfully. “Yeah, we should leave Risette here and I’ll use her room for my science lab” my

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785 words - 3 pages where he was getting all his things.I left my house one morning to go play basketball at the local high school. When I got there I saw my brother with a group of people I had never seen before. He saw me and called me over. I slowly walked over to them with my basketball in hand. He asked, "how you doin' today Jimmy?" "Just going to play a little basketball" I replied. "Hey guys, this is my little brother Jimmy" he told his

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1296 words - 5 pages that John was his lost brother. The mountain, the similar face, and then John said "Butthead" connected with Andrew. Andrew's mother was buried in the mountain and realized that John was searching for his mother. The next day, Andrew hurried to the hospital with his new hummer. Andrew entered the hospital and saw John in the hallway. "John! Hey John! It's me Andrew your friend or brother," said Andrew. "My brother? You must be

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1073 words - 5 pages . Valentine was very excited and then Magi asked “Hey Valentine you ok, you look like you have happy sickness in you.” “No, just that my brother is coming home tomorrow, that’s all. And that I’m really excited since I haven’t seen him in eight years.” Valentine said in a calm and happy voice. “Eight years” Luke said in a surprising voice and a surprised expression. “Why did your brother went on to study abroad in the first place?” Lucy said

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966 words - 4 pages I was stuck laying in one position for the last day and a half. “Hey,” my brother called out “Yeah what’s up?” I replied “Just wanted to make sure you weren’t dead yet,” he responded jokingly. “I’ll make sure to last longer than you,” I retorted. “In your dreams.” That statement brought up a sense of nostalgia. I remembered those fateful battles 10 years ago that the both of us were forced into by the hated, overbearing government.We were