Hey—Don't Drink And Drive! Essay

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Many people in the United States enjoy a drink of their favorite alcoholic beverage. It could be a nice ice cold beer after a hard day of work or going to the bar and enjoying a few shots or mixed drinks with friends. Drinking alcohol is a common way to mingle with friends and take the edge off a difficult day. However, there are dangers involved with alcohol since it does dampen the body’s ability to cope with new information. Alcohol becomes a poison to the body when consumed in large quantities. The biggest danger is not to the driver after they become inebriated, but comes to anyone the drunk driver comes in contact with. A sober person can be dangerous just by being distracted, but a drunk driver’s ability to cope with changing situations and distractions is one of the biggest hazards on today’s roads. Some individuals believe that they are not as impaired as what they are led to believe from government ads and the many videos that show what can happen to someone who is drinking and driving. Although, there are many policies in place to advocate against drunk driving, there are those who would endanger themselves and others with their thoughtless actions when they jump into the driver’s seat of a vehicle. Drinking and driving should never be combined because a person who has been drinking does not have the ability to use all mental faculties unimpaired, many people have been killed, injured, or psychologically hurt by a drunk driver, many men and women do not know the difference weight and gender have on the body’s ability to process alcohol, and the financial and legal trouble that is awaiting for those convicted by a DUI.

A drunk driver is too impaired to operate a motor vehicle because his or her mental faculties are compromised. Research has been conducted over the years on what alcohol does to the body. Much of the research has been focused in the area of what exactly happens to the body and mind as alcohol is introduced and its continued effect as more drinks are consumed. A drinker’s mental acuity drops in key functions such as perception, tracking, visual recognition, and information processing are all significantly impaired by consuming alcohol (Moskowitz & Robinson, 1988). Being able to recognize what is going on in a car or bike is essential when driving. Whenever someone becomes inebriated, they tend to not pay attention or they get what is known as “tunnel vision.” Tunnel vision is when a person focuses on one thing to the exclusion of all else. With only these two effects that occur when a person has consumed alcohol, they shouldn’t even be on the road. As a person drinks more and more alcohol they become further unable to use their higher motor functions. A Blood Alcohol Content or BAC of .08 is considered a DUI in the United States. Research has concluded that anything over .05 BAC significantly damages a driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle (Moskowitz & Robinson, 1988). Men and women have...

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