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Hey Girl Hey Essay

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Most recent studies have shown that between 1-3 percent of Americans have intellectual disabilities. Many factors are involved with the cause of intellectual disabilities such as physical, genetic and social. A few common genetic conditions are Down Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome and Prader-Will Syndrome. It is important for maternal mothers to understand that their health is critical to a child's intellectual development and for them to recognize pre & postnatal factors. Maternal Mothers who are exposed to radiation, chronic alcoholism, and severe emotional stress during pregnancy could all be risk factors for intellectual disability. It is critical that parents recognize any intellectual ...view middle of the document...

This project revels that children who are exposed to educational programs at a younger age perform better in cognitive developmental and that early educational programs have a positive effect on child's IQ during the first 3 years of life. Children from low resource families significantly benefit from early intervention. After the ABECEDARIAN Project the United States came up with the Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA) which requires all children to have a public education in the least restrictive environment customized to specific needs.
The best known intervention is Head Start Program for ages three to four years old. The head start program provides comprehensive early childhood education, health, nutrition's and parent involvement to low income. All Head Start Programs must include children with disabilities. (Ramey& Ramey 1999) The main goal of head start is to prepare children for kindergarten and given them the support they need to achieve in later development. Head start children with disabilities do not need to meet any...

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