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The Lady Who Helped Push My Car

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I watched my dad as he watched the rain dance on the back deck. "It's really coming down hard out there and I hope the cat is alright," he says. The wind blew the trees; like candles on a birthday cake. Strong and gusty and then none at all; kicking up the leaves and leaving them where they lay. The blinds are pulled all the way back, and he's often peering out the window, looking for the cat. Suddenly, another big gust of whistling air hit the house and the lights flickered, "uh-oh, the electricity might go out," he said almost childlike, giddy with excitement. I had asked him if he wanted me to bring in some firewood but he never answered me. Rather than repeat myself about twenty times I just continued on about my business setting up for our interview.

He's seated in his favorite spot and the television is on, it's a biography about Lana Turner. I can tell he doesn't have his hearing aids on because half the neighborhood can hear the Tv. The volume is so loud that I need to remind him to use his hearing aids. This is so that I don't have to keep repeating myself; it's quite frustrating. "Pop, can you please put on your hearing aids?" "Will you turn the volume down?" "Pop, put those darn things in your ears!" "Hello can you hear me?" It seems as though our family has been affected by his hearing loss, and he's the one with the actual problem. I asked him, "So when did you notice your hearing wasn't so good?" "I didn't notice; I was always compensating when I couldn't hear what was being said; I would lean in a little closer and read lips," he said. Hearing better out of his left ear than his right he has problems with sound localization. According to Feldman, sound localization can deteriorate because it depends on comparing the discrepancy in sound perceived by the two ears. About 12% of people between ages 45 and 65 suffer from...

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