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Around 2 weeks ago we are having a field trip at the Euphrat museum at De Anza college. The theme of the museum exhibition is “Making Space” which have the meaning of valuing an empty space in many form. Looking up at the corner of the hall , I saw a unique panting with a hole shaped of a human. The hole give me a feeling of a free space where people can fit in and do whatever they want. I'm interested and tried to see more clearly. Then I discovered that the painting was called “Tax Collector” and made by Titus Kaphar.
Titus Kaphar was born in Kalamazoo, a city in the southwest region of the U.S. state of Michigan. In 2001 he graduated from San Jose state university with BFA degree, then in 2006 he graduated from Yale University school of art with MFA degree. Kaphar's artwork is the interaction of history by appropriating styles and medium. He create a formal genre and new tales by cuts, bends sculpts and mixes the work of classical and renaissance painters. Kaphar at first begin by copying painting or riffs on classical cannon à la John Singleton Copley, Thomas Eakins and Eugène Delacroix. The paintings he made become the site for intervention , by allowing the character inside the painting fulfill their unwritten destinies.
What Kaphar does is cut and sherd, erase and white out, rumples, sews and paints in tar. Firstly he paint off his canvas then erase , slice ,cut , shredding them. Next, he arrange his pieces into new artwork, sometimes he dip his artwork into tar. His worked use finish painting as the point of departure where history is ever quite fixed. All of kaphar's preparation and material have their own history. Byw using the tar , he is pointing to people past covered wounds and tortured people, saved people and killed them. Most of Kaphar's work is the manipulations historical absence of African American and women from classic art. In an interview he says that he is trying to take love for all of art history and collapse them together. Taking classical painting and modernist gesture, squishing it together to make a...

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