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Effective Communication And Police Officers Essay

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Communication is a vital tool in our society today because police officers could not serve the public effectively without good communication skills. A lack of the ability to listen or to speak effectively could result in a misunderstanding. Communication plays a very important role in the lives and jobs of police officers. Communication allows officers the ability to better manage evidence by interrogating witnesses and suspects and gathering information. This allows them to make quick and informed decisions. Police officers can only succeed if they master communication, both social and professional, so that they can be comfortable with the public and get their jobs done behind the scenes.

Good communication is essential to how well police officers interact with the public because it influences how the public responds to officers. Listening, speaking, writing and focusing on what others say are all ways officers can affect the way the public views them. A lack of these vital communications skills results in poor understanding, an officer not knowing how to proceed, and people who need police assistance giving up. Officers must also consider how communication might affect a community’s reaction. It is obvious that these traits are very important for optimal police work. Experiences show that people react more calmly and cooperatively when police officers treat them well. Therefore, good communication is needed in order to make the jobs of police officers easier and more positive.

Communication in social environments is necessary for police officers because they have to make fast decisions about interacting with victims, witnesses, and suspects. Specifically, the better communication that the officers use, the more likely it is that people will better understand and be able to assist in solving the crimes. Indeed, strong communication skills allow officers to perform their job duties effectively because they deal with sensitive information. They have to protect that information so that only the people who need to know get that information. In addition, police officers are sometimes called upon to present to the media or public, and good communication skills serve them well in that responsibility. Social communication makes police work more efficient, faster, and easier by using systems like the Amber alert to notify people of problems or situations that need public help. Before issuing Amber alerts, police officers also need to communicate offices and with the child’s family and acquaintances. “AMBER plans require law enforcement to confirm abduction prior to issuing an alert. This is essential when determining the level of risk to the child” (“Guidelines for Issuing AMBER Alerts”, n.d.). Communication is not just talking. It is writing, too, and can include postings to social outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Police use all different kinds of communication, not just for crimes, but for weather and...

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