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The Importance Of Non Verbal Communication Essay

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Non-verbal communication has been a major factor contributing towards our day to day lives. In terms of design and workplace as well as cultural variations non-verbal communication plays an important role in these places. It includes the usage of the human’s subconscious mind to construct a series of facial expressions, hand gestures as well as the usage of the human’s vocal tones which indeed causes a form of effective communication if used in the right manner. For example, when parents use non-verbal communication to infant children who are not yet familiar with verbal communication itself when effective this might create a form of assurance to those infants who may in turn respond to the message in a much positive manner. According to Zmorenski (N.D) article he mentions that Albert Mehrabian conducted a study and has found out that “55 percent of how humans communicate in face-to-face” Mehrabian himself concluded that “38 percent of human communication is voice based” (Zmorenski, n.d).Which clearly shows the importance of non-verbal communication in our daily routines.


Actions may speak louder than words especially when it’s applied in the workplace. For example, hand gestures and facial expressions may make verbal communication a lot easier especially when instructions keep coming to an employee from the higher chain of command. Ray stresses about the word ‘ morale’ and how this word can affect the workforce around an employee (Ray, n.d). For instance, a high labour morale might cause much better results especially when it comes to teamwork meanwhile a low labour morale causes a vice-versa effect on the organization as a whole. This explains the reasoning behind the contagiousness between co-workers if non-verbal communication isn’t applied properly according to Ray. Communication in general is the transfer of the message from the sender using a medium of communication to the receiver who will understand and decrypt that message to according to his understandability later a feedback may be given by the receiver to the sender who will state that the message has been understood and is being acted upon. The medium of communication being questioned in this research could range from anything related to non-verbal forms of communication such as “kinesics, proxemics, paralanguage, and chronemics” (Lunenburg,2010).The human expression can also be a major factor in determining the nature of non-verbal communication since it is a major determinant on the human’s subconscious state that in turn can help us to analyze the state of that person in depth so once analyzed we can actually obtain various forms of information which in turn helps improve decision making especially when it comes to an unhappy employee this is also another form of emotional intelligence in the sense that the employer is able to properly analyze his/her employees based on his knowledge of non-verbal communication. Many organizational leaders lack the...

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