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English IV K 5th Six Weeks 2013-2014 Unit V - Illusion and Disillusion


Wednesday - Thursday


February 24
Turn in close reading.
Discuss Ch. 7-9
HW: Read Ch. 10-13
Work on a close reading outline of passage #2.

Discuss yesterday's close reading.
Discuss Ch. 10-13
HW: Work on a close reading outline of passage #3.
Read Ch. 14-17

Discuss yesterday's close reading.
Discuss Ch. 14-17
HW: Work on a close reading outline of passage #4.
Read Ch. 18-21

Discuss yesterday's close reading.
HW: Read the rest of the book

March 3
Discuss the rest of the book
Discuss tomorrow's close read.

Close Read from outline. Meet in computer lab (Major Grade).

Introduce Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Discuss setting, plot, character development, meliorism/pessimism. Hand out for note taking, prompts for final exam, and guided reading question which can function as quizzes or homework responses. You must keep up with the reading schedule. HW: read Phase the First for Friday's class

Discussion of Tess, Phase the First: plot, Tess's reactions, Hardy's metaphors and interlocutions, themes, symbols, allusions, imagery TEKS: compare and contrast elements of text such as themes, conflicts, and allusions. HW: Read "Phase the Second" Ch. 12 - 15 for Monday's discussion.

Begin discussion of "Phase the Second" Ch. 12 - 15: plot, Tess's withdrawal, Hardy's metaphors and interlocutions, themes, symbols, loss of innocence, child, allusions to philosophers, academics, shifting setting. TEKS: analyze relevance of setting and time frame to text's meaning. HW: Read Phase the Third , CH. 16 -24 for Tuesday's and Wednesday's discussions.

Begin discussion of "Phase the Third" Ch. 16 - 19: setting minor characters, the dairy, the Clares. TEKS: compare and contract elements of tests such as themes, conflicts, and allusions HW: Read Ch. 20 - 24.

Continue discussion of "Phase the Third" Ch. 20 - 24: Angel Clare's decisions, philosophical issues about the common man, religious allusions, Jack Dollop's story, setting. TEKS: compare and contract elements of tests such as themes, conflicts, and allusions HW: Ch. 25 - 30.

Begin discussion of "Phase the Fourth: The Consequence" Ch. 25 - 30;...

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