Hiba Mehmood's Views About News Media

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Abstract:In this essay an experienced academic writer, Hiba Mehmood, has provided his views about different aspects of news media. All the sources are accurately cited according to APA style of research writing.Introduction:News media defines the segment of the communication media or press that makes available latest information and events to the people. These include the magazines, newspapers, radio and television media houses as well as the internet based media through network windows or pages. The publishing media in United States include the associated press that owns radio and television media houses as well as printing its own newspaper. They utilize this media to convey latest events to the public and other media houses that purchase this information.The AP is recognized as the only countrywide press company due to the fall down of its close opponents united press international hence giving the company a go ahead. However, it faces competition from other press companies such as Reuters and agence France presse though located outside America. In addition, the press faces stiff competition from the internet as the media of communication to a point changing their usual writing style and improvising their on ways of reducing their operating costs to avoid losses.The AP is authorized to publish news or information from other media houses whether there are consented or not. The press provides covers all the events worldwide in all fields including sports, politics, business and weather news etc. however, in many occasions its origin of news has been doubted due to its presence in inaccessible areas such as war torn areas. However, the AP utilized assisted many people with their information through informing the public of various events or occurrences and their causes. In order to promote the business, the AP uses the internet to make the information easily accessible by many people through its own website as well as other frequently visited websites such as yahoo, Google etc to reach its customers and inform them of the latest news.Advancement of press:It started in late 1830 when an American James Cooper accused the press promoting socially unacceptable ideals to the society. He argued that the view of the press differs with the society morals and behavior because it did not respect the personal lives of the citizens by recognizing the boundary of the events to publish or broadcast in their bulletins. To him press was offensive, impolite and dishonest because it only promoted the interest of the journalist therefore in most cases biased and unreliable. However, little did Cooper realize he was responding to an advancement of journalism where 780,000 weekly magazines and 300,000 daily journals were distributed to the public as a response to the societal values, political ideologies and change in technology. At the same time, population was expanding hence requiring more production of these magazines.In the year 1830, most of the magazines were...

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