Hidden In The Dark By Vanita Suthar Gcse Coursework

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Suddenly I felt a chill run down my spine. This was not due to the past, but caused by something real and in the present. My shoulders shivered inadvertently. The sudden feelings came over me I was no longer alone in the coppice. My eyes quickly searched about. This was absurd, for I saw no one, heard no sound. I was certain I was being watched.Feeling frightened and courageous at the same time, I managed the strength to call out "who is there?"I listened. Only the wind whistled overhead and in the periphery of this tiny wood...The mist surrounded him; it engulfed every inch of his body. He turned in circles not knowing what direction he was going. Stumbling now and again on a few rocks. A stale smell filled the air; he choked now and again finding difficulty in each step.He tripped and hit something hard, and cold, lying on his stomach he hurled himself up, and lay face up starring into the star filled sky he lay still for a moment smelling the earth. He sat up after a while he realised where he was again, as he stood up he heard the sounds of metal clanging. He poked out his head of what looked like a pit.What was that sound? He thought to himself but before he could take notice of what he heard he glimpsed flickering lights frolicing in the darkness. The lights where inextinguishable at first but gradually as the blanket of mist faded to open the canopy of skylight it exposed a desiccate and dreary...Graveyard.The tombstones where covered in moss and undergrowth. He had never known that there was a graveyard here but he also never been so deep into the forest before either, he quickly jumped out of the pit with such agility that he never knew he had, he realised then, it was a grave but an empty one."Oi" suddenly someone shouted from behind. He froze his mind filled with uneasy thoughts; had someone caught him, mom was probably worried about him. He gradually started to creep towards a large tree with branches that hung over like a deformed and twisted creeper with an eerie look of age.He sat down at the foot of the bark, breathing heavily seeing his icy cold breath in front of him, he became more apprehensive as he sat there, the distasteful atmosphere and the harsh cold was weakening his hope of finding a way out of the forest.He had forgotten completely about the voice he had heard when he heard the same voice again say; "Oi come over h're" for a moment after, his heart gave a huge leap.Suddenly he heard a great thud in the dead silence and the same sound of metal clanging; slowly he conjured up his strength and knelt on his knees breathing fast and heavily. The soft earth felt velvety under his knees. He turned around and poked his head from behind the tree for a better look. He saw the agitated lights in a fluttery fit.He squinted his eyes and peered in to the darkness, three figures emerged from the shadows, their appearance was differentiated by the flickering lights which where actually lanterns which illuminated their faces. They...

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