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Hidden Courage Essay

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The boy lay there next to his father keeping each other warm from the chilling atmosphere where they set camp. The air was so moist it turned the dirt into damp mud and the boy could feel his sleeping bag submerge into it. The intimidating glare of an owl examining him sent a tingle up his spine. The sounds of bugs chiming filled the ambience, killing the silence giving him a sense of security. He looked up at the twilight sky illuminated by the blinding shimmer of the full moon gleaming through the forest trees over him. Surrounding it was an array of glimmering stars prompting the sky alive. As his body grew accustomed to the environment, each natural attribute gave him comfort and allowed ...view middle of the document...

As he landed uneasily on the tree trunk he slipped over it suspended in mid air. He could feel the gush rushing past his face and body with its defiant whip sound before he crashed heavily into the thick grass and grub. He felt his body painfully grind across the lush surface of the landscape. As he began to push himself up he heard another loud cry from the same direction confirming the voice of his father. He began to panic, as he had no idea what could have happened to him. He started sprinting again blocking his face pushing bushes left and right as they loudly swished passed him. He kept moving, faster and faster, until he flowed into a natural rhythm stomping through the forest. As he continued he began to realise the ground becoming rockier and all of a sudden he noticed a burst of light marking the end of the trees into a vast opening. He took a final thriving leap and felt his body fly out of the forest into a whole new environment.

He looked around to realise in a state of horror that he was on small cliff side and then rushed to the end to look over the ledge. As he did so, he saw his father at the bottom of the cliff, lying there dead still and he screamed. ‘Dad!’ He was agitated to here no response except for the faint grunts of his father in severe pain. He shortly realised that he had to find a way to the bottom of this cliff. He rapidly made his way across the borders of it as he saw a declining of rocks at the far side. When he got there he stared down on the rough, rocky descent and knew he didn’t want to attempt this. But the thought of his father in trouble eluded him and he began to make his way through the unsteady surface. As he took his first step he could feel how unstable it was shifting as if it were vibrating from a violent tremor. He viciously shook from grinding uneasily down the cliff. A cloud of grime and concrete arose as his shoes scraped through the small rocks and pebbles. He clumsily blocked his eyes and face and then his foot finally hit a surface so familiar to him he knew it was the bottom. The thick foliage engulfed the ground and he endeavoured through until he saw a familiar dark red shirt sticking out of the side of a shrub. He rapidly sprung towards it and saw the sight of his father clenching his left leg in discomfort. As he looked towards him his father gave his phone with the numbers triple zero on it and at that moment, he knew just how drastic the situation was.

The boy called the ambulance just as his father directed, explaining the situation of his broken leg and they watched getting comfortable, as the rescue helicopter would take another 3 hours. Night began to slowly fall upon them and they could barely see. His father asked him to gather some wood so they could make a fire as the temperature started to become freezing again. As he continued to pick up large sticks he could feel the tips of his fingers becoming numb as if they were frozen solid inside. Once he’d gathered the...

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