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Hidden Inside High Fantasy Fiction Essay

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Religion has spread throughout the world playing many important roles in people’s lives. Christianity is about of one of the dominant religions that has influence ideas, traditions, morals and values. However, the spread of Christianity has also become an influence in sports, television, news, movies, music, art, books and other aspects of popular culture. The popularity and importance of this religion have even inspired the world of fantasy fiction. Three of the New York Times Best Sellers are influence by Christianity. The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter are successful book series classified as high fantasy fiction. Inside these high fantasy fiction series are hidden Christian themes and symbols.
Fantasy fiction is one form of literature that has made an impact on popular culture. Fantasy is a genre of fiction that involves supernatural or magic within the story. A majority of fantasy fiction stories takes place in an imaginary world with imaginary characters or creatures. There are two subgenres of fantasy fiction, low and high. Low fantasy fiction is where stories take place in the real or rational world while high fantasy completely takes place in an imaginary world. Writers such as C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and J.K. Rowling have made high fantasy fiction a success in popular culture. They have opened doors for high fantasy fiction as now we see more high fantasy fiction stories in print and film.
Nevertheless, hidden inside these popular fantasy fiction stories are religious themes and symbols. C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia is one of three popular fantasy fiction stories that has hidden religious themes and symbols. C.S. Lewis is known as one of the foremost Christian thinkers as his stories have a subtext of Christian literature (Jones). The Chronicles of Narnia is a seven book series about the mythical land Narnia. Readers go through a journey of Narnia as they follow four siblings who enter this land through a walk-in wardrobe.
Filled with allusions and allegories, this seven book series tells an amazing story while referring Christian faith. The first allusion is a representation of the two brothers, Edmund and Peter. Edmund, the spiteful brother, is the representation of Judas as Peter, the noble brother, represents the son of Adam (Slevin). The second allusion is the lion, Aslan. Colleen Slevin, author of ‘Narnia’ promoted to Churches, explains the heroic lion, Aslan, represents Jesus Christ. She further explains that Aslan, “sacrifices his life to save Edmund and is resurrected the next day in plenty of time to defeat the White Witch and her evil minions” which can be a representation of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Slevin).
After the release of The Narnia Chronicles, C.S. Lewis finally explains his vision of Narnia as a fictional parallel universe which answers the symbolism of Aslan. According to The Deeper Truth Behind ‘The Chronicles of Narnia, in 1961, C.S....

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