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Hidden Meanings Behind Titles Essay

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In one way, shape, or form, astronomical symbols help us comprehend various things better; be it finding our way home, understanding a story’s plot or finally grasping how it relates to the story it was named after. The astronomical symbols that are the titles of each of the Twilight Saga books represent the stages of Bella’s life.

Twilight was the title of the opening book of the “Twilight Saga”. To recognize how it relates to the story, one must know what ‘twilight’ means. Twilight is the time between sunset and dusk; it is when ‘time stands still.’ Therefore, twilight is neither dark nor light; it is right in between. In Twilight, Bella is leaving her old life and beginning a new one. She moves away from her mother – the person that she has spent most of her life with – and goes to stay with her father, Charlie. Many things change for her: the climate, schools, friends, parents, homes, and more. She is moving from one stage of her life – the light, where she lived in a sunny place and was happy - to the darkness where danger, adventure and love await. Currently, she is in between the stages of light and dark, she is in twilight. Moving from hot, dry, and cloudless, Arizona to the cloudiest, coldest, rainiest place in the continental U.S. is also a big change for her; it turns out to be for the best, because without those clouds she would have never met her vampire sweetheart who reacts strangely to sunlight: Edward. The title – Twilight – connects to the story because it tells you that Bella’s previous way of life was over and her life was taking the turn at the fork road towards night and darkness, towards loving and spending her life with Edward. Her previous life was in the light before the twilight, but when twilight came, she made her choice to go towards the darkness, towards her life with Edward. The path towards Edward is dark because there are many dangers and challenges of being in love with a vampire. She has to be very careful of spilling her blood and she has to make sure that “a sadistic vampire, intent on torturing her to death” (Twilight 462) does not succeed.

New Moon is the following book in the Twilight Saga. It as well has a connection with the story it is named after. A new moon takes place when it passes between the earth and the sun and is invisible or visible only as a narrow crescent at sunset. When there is a new moon, you usually do not see the moon; it seems like it has disappeared. A new moon is also symbolic; it symbolizes new beginnings, rebirth and a fresh start. Edward leaves Bella in New Moon so she can be unscathed and out of harm’s way. He wants her to have a fresh start with someone else, someone who is not as dangerous to her as he is. In the beginning, Bella is lost, she is physically there but mentally she is lost in the sorrow of losing Edward. She starts hanging out with Jacob which makes her life a little more bearable; he becomes her fresh start. For a few weeks, Jacob does not allow Bella to...

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