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Hidden Secrets Essay

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William Golding observes that there are “conditions in which cruelty seems to flourish, which is different from saying that is has clear causes. What are these conditions? Chaos is one, fear is another”. All the characters do their actions from the condition of fear because of the chaotic ambiance they are surrounded in. In William Golding's Lord of the Flies and Alfred Hitchcock's Lifeboat humans are put to the test when they are stranded in life threatening situations with no authorization or guidance. In both stories they start off by supporting and guiding one another to survive. But as time ranged on the civilized manner turned into something violent and vicious. Both stories show that ...view middle of the document...

Also, Roger throws the stones at the littleluns just to show that he has the potential to be violent and to establish his power through fear and terror. As the story develops, Roger ends up pushing a rock onto Piggy, which marks his death. This creates a development in the savagery and violence of the situation. As Roger notices Piggy ”with a sense of delirious abandonment leaned all his weight on the lever. The rock struck Piggy.”(Golding 193). This scene shows the savagery evolving within the boys. With the absence of authority there is no one to stop the boys from doing the wrong thing. Without parents or any adults Roger can escape being punished and do what he knows is wrong. In Addition, in Lifeboat a similar situation arises. Willi’s behavior begins to change as time elapses. Although he was a rival German, when they were first stranded he did not seem harmful. In fact, he had contributed ideas and helped steer the boat. As the lack of authority and control rose the savagery came out. During the afternoon, all the adults were sleeping besides Willi and Gus. Gus caught Willi sneaking a bottle of water out from his shirt and drinking it. Gus was angry he had not told anyone nor did he think about sharing. As the fear of getting caught and thrown off the boat by the others Willi took a gesture to help keep himself save. He grabbed Gus and threw him off the boat and killed him. This shows that without the proper guidance they do actions that they do not mean to do to keep themselves safe. This also proves that to keep a civilized manner he did not want to attempt to kill anyone. As time evolved in both Lord of the Flies and Lifeboat they tried to keep a civilization but the urge to kill was unleashed.

With a...

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