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Hidden Victims, Article Report About Children Of Incarcerated Victims. Ivy Tech/Criminal Justice Article Report

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Anna Russell
Article Report # 4
Crim 101
Hidden Victims
Eric Martin looks at the impact of incarceration on dependent children in his article “Hidden Consequences: The Impact of Incarceration on Dependent Children. I agree that this in an issue that is often under addressed and is something more people should be concerned about. I’m going to specifically expound on the range of risk factors facing children of incarcerated parents, the policy implications, and alternative support systems that Martin discussed.
In his article, Martin explains different risk factors affecting children of incarcerated parents. Often times children whose parents are criminals become criminals as well. Martin stated they are six times more likely to become incarcerated as well. Another concern is of psychological problems. Depression and aggression are often higher in children of incarcerated parents. Low educational attainment is another risk factor. There are many links between lower educational attainment and parent incarceration. Another concern is the economic well-being of the children. A majority of children with incarcerated parents have restricted economic resources available for their support. One of the biggest risk factors involves the parent-child attachment. For example, if the parent is a strong support in the child’s life, the interruption of the child-parent relationship will lead to many of the risk factors already discussed. As you can see, there are many risk factors affecting children of incarcerated parents.
Policy and program decisions should be based off each individual parent-child case. The relationship prior to incarceration needs to be understood and then based off whether contact will be beneficial to one or both parties, proceed from there. For example, if the parent was a strong support...

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