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Unrealistic Features
Have people ever realize how unrealistic the women are in the advertisement commercials? Many young and mid age adults want to look amazingly beautiful. When women look at ads or commercials with a young beautiful women, they picture there selves in the photo because they want to look like the women in the ads. The people who look at the ads wish they could look pretty, but sadly it’s not possible. This unreachable dream is what manufacturers aim for so that the urge of wanting to look beautiful reaches the temptation of the women so they could buy the product. Women also desire to have the same body shape as the women in the ad even if the ad isn’t selling clothes or accessories. Although companies use beauty to sell their products, unfortunately physical appearance shouldn’t be used to sell any item because society doesn’t want people to be used as a product.
Advertisement has changed many peoples life in many different ways such as changing the culture. In the reading of “Jesus is a brand of” by Jean Kilbourne advertisement changes the way of life. For example, “Within 10 years, the young members of the tribe were so drawn by television they no longer had to learn ancient hunting methods, their parents’ language or their oral history.” There was once a point in which people wouldn’t buy anything so they can be worried about the way they look or for what reason they buy things but unfortunately for the tribe, there language and there way of life was changed when advertisement reach them. The tribe still used ancient hunting skills but vanished because the young ones might have felt embarrassed of the way of life that their parents had. The new generation changed the way of life just because of what they saw on the television. This connects to the advertisement of bebe because over time people wanted to look nice and attractive for the audience, so they can sell the product.
In the reading of “Exploitation as cool” advertisement targets the American teenagers, so they can buy their products. Teenagers have been the biggest target for marketers since they bring the profit to the company’s. For example, “American teens spent $155 billion on such products in 2000 alone.” Meaning teens are the way of making profit to the products producers produce because they have no bills to pay and all the money they receive is usually used to purchase merchandise, clothes, and accessories. When one teen has a nice looking watch or those new shoes that came out from Michael Jordan. Other teens are going to want them because emotionally they feel left out and want to fit in with the entire crowd. Teen usually want the most expensive thing in the market, so they can impress every girl they talk to and show off to everybody. This makes other wealthy teenagers to buy expensive items. This connects to the advertisement because teenagers usually want to look nice like the girl in the ad and they can usually buy the product...

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