Hiding Chilrden During The Holocaust Essay

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The Holocaust began January 30, 1933, and concluded May 8, 1945. During the Holocaust eleven million people were killed under the rule of Adolf Hitler. Out of these eleven million people, six million Jewish people, and one million children had lost their lives. Hearts were being broken one after another, because of Hitler, the heinous ruler who advocated the punishment of death for anyone who differentiated from a German or Christian. It was essential to do whatever was possible to save a child’s life. Hiding a child during this brutal time was another step forward to fighting for what was right.
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It was extremely difficult to get false papers written up but they were very useful. They were used to prove your new identity and concealed the truth from neighbors, classmates, and especially the police.
Even if families and leaders failed to secure a child’s safety, anything was better than the suffering of concentration camps. Most people sent to these death camps were immediately sent to the main murderers, also known as the gas chambers. If they got lucky, they were forced to do work and you had a higher chance of making it out alive. That was of course if they were able to avoid diseases, and sicknesses. As a safety precaution and a safe keep from these places children were hid in houses, staying motionless and speechless for hours upon hours. Any suspicious noises could cause a police raid and discovery. In the rural area children were hidden in barns, chicken coops, and forest huts. The downside of this was that during bombings they had to remain hidden rather than fleeing to the safety of bomb shelters. Sadly, they had to be left behind by others in this tragic situation.
“Studies conducted in the Netherlands estimate that more than 80% of the hidden children interviewed were treated well by their rescuers, while 15% were occasionally mistreated, and some 5% were treated badly.” Finding someone to rescue a child was insanely difficult because many people were not willing to risk their lives for others. Many families and couples only did it for the money, and others did it out...

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