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Hiding From Pirates In Trees Essay

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My new Elmo shoes sparkled brightly as I stumbled to keep with up with my mother. I never understood how adults could walk so fast, it always felt like I was always racing to try and keep up but for every step I took, they took two. My hand clung around three of my mothers fingers, and to the right of me my brother did the same. Hardly anyone could tell us apart if not for the very small difference of our hair colour; his was what my mother's friends called "dirty blonde" and mine was referred to as "sunshine blonde". I knew this was grown-up talk for his hair was darker than mine, but the way they talked about it, it's seemed forbidden to phrase it any other way. It had to be "dirty blonde" or "sunshine blonde". As we reached the school gates both my brothers hand and mine slipped from our mothers hand, to our sides. We each got a kiss on both cheeks before our mother drove away. I quickly ran towards my favourite tree as soon as she appeared out of sight and started grasping for branches until the masses of copper leaves camouflaged me. My brother would usually chase me, and create a race out of who would stagger their way to the top first. Today I saw him huddled in a group of three, swinging his arms as he talked to a few of the classmates I didn't recognise. They laughed and picked up three branches from the ground, each swinging them at each other with no care and breaking one of the frail branches within seconds. The wind swirled around me ferociously and leaves stuck all down my navy blue uniform. My hands quickly went to brush the auburn pads off my shorts and face, as a result I was left vulnerable to a sequalling gust of wind. In a split second I found myself off-balance and falling; flailing limbs around frantically until I held a firm grip on a lower branch. As I hung panic-stricken, I realised that I was not much more than a metre away from the muddy ground and hesitantly let go while the words "bend your knees" echoed through my head. Adults had told me that countless times, yet today it was helpful advice. I landed with only a paper-cut of a scratch and a fast heart rate, but the distant laughter of my brother and his friends distracted me too much to even think of checking for scrapes and bruises. With a waddle I made my way to where they cackled, picking up a sturdy branch on the way and picking off a few dead leaves still attached to it. They shouted things like "Arr yer scurvy dog" and "Ahoy!", however as I reached them silence fell. Waving my stick around proudly as I belted "Hello there fellow friends, may I join ye?" They answered my question with blank stares, and one of them nudged my brother in the ribs three times. "The pirate club is only for us. Go play with them" the nudger replied, pointing at four girls wearing matching dresses and clinking together plastic teacups. The girls never wanted to play with me either, I could barely say hello to them without all of them screaming "cooties" at me. I turned back from the...

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