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Hiding From The Holocaust Essay

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Would you be brave or patient enough to hide in a tiny space for three years with little food and nothing to do? Like the Frank family, many other Jewish families found secret places to hide. The Stermers, Bileckis, and Haars were all involved with hiding during the Holocaust to avoid being sent to concentration camps by the Nazis.
For example, a family of 8 escaped to a cave in Ukraine around October 1942 (Arkell). This family, the Stermers, hid in a cave with five other Jewish families, 38 total people (Arkell). The mother, Esther, the father, Zaida, two of the brothers, Sam and Saul, and two more waited for 18 months in this cramped space (Arkell). They probably didn’t have to be quiet since they were in a cave away from civilization, but I wonder if they were scared of people roaming around. An SS officer came and invaded the cave, but after they had a little talk with Esther, they left and never came back (Arkell). She said, "What are you afraid of here? The Fuhrer is gonna lose the war because we live here? “(Arkell). At the end of the hard year and a half, the Russians liberated their Ukrainian town and they were saved (Arkell). There is a movie that came out that explains all the hardships that they suffered (Arkell).
Unlike the Stermers who were hiding from the Nazis, the Bileckis actually helped many people hide. The Bileckis hid about 23 Jewish people in an underground shelter, says Louis Bülow. They made a shelter in a cave and disguised it with limbs and leaves so no one would know they were there (Bülow). They were forced to change their location because they were concerned of pedestrian traffic by the cave (Bülow). Their new spot was a lot closer to the Bilecki's home which made it a whole bunch easier to deliver supplies (Bülow). However, since it was winter and there was snow on the ground, they got really worried about leaving tracks for people to follow (Bülow). Louis Bülow claims that little Julian Bilecki was a very honorable boy because he swung in trees to deliver supplies so no tracks were left behind. The Bileckis really suffered a lot of pain and stress because all the food and clothes they were buying wasn't helping the fact that they were poor (Bülow). Different from the Frank family who were captured, everyone that the Bileckis hid, remained safe until the Russians came (Bülow). Julian was fortunate enough to revisit they people he helped and they were forever grateful and he received so many great gifts (Bülow). The most amazing part of this story is that the selfless Bileckis didn't think of themselves as heroes just ordinary people with...

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