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Hiding Our Weaknesses Behind Our Coolness

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Jason Tanz in his essay, ““Selling Down: The Marketing of the Hip-Hop Nation,” expresses the idea of how corporations view teenagers as their main source of profit. They target on teenagers because they like hip-hop. According to Tanz hip-hop “since it early days hip-hop was galvanizing its audience around certain kinds of values” (Tanz 93). Now hip-hop is galvanizing its audience to purchases merchandise. Corporation use hip-hop to promote products and make money of the likes of teenagers, who are heavy consumers. Corporations operate based on the consumers’ tastes to make profit out of their products, which arises the issue that companies are using teenagers to make profit.
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Corporations are using psychological techniques to gain money by knowing the desires of their consumers, who are teenagers.
Some of the psychological techniques that corporations use these days are subliminal desires and hip hop popularity. Corporation are paying marketing consultant to determine what the subliminal desires that consumers have. Tanz states that advertising and marketing are industries that seem to “thrive by tapping into our deepest fears, insecurities, anxieties, and aspirations” (Tanz 87). Once marketers know what the subliminal desires of the public are, teenagers, they start advertising those products with hip-hop. Tanz reveals that companies know that they can make profit by advertising their products with hip-hop from selling products. He states that it is “not hard to see why corporations would turn to hip-hop as a marketing platform” since they know that teenagers will buy those products (Tanz 92). Throughout his essay, Tanz gives many examples to prove his argument. For example, he states that hip-hop is “overwhelming popular, the culture of teenage of America, and this makes it the lingua franca that any lifestyle market must speak” (Tanz 92). As a result of the overwhelming popularity of hip-hop among teenagers, corporations have turn hip-hop into a marketing platform because in order to make money out of teenager they have to use hip-hop. As a result of the use of subliminal desires and hip-hop popularity, businesses accomplish what they...

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