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High school students are leaders to younger kids and many others in their community. As a leader these student must show others what good character is like, but instead they are destroying their lives by doing drugs. In the past decade the drug use among high school students is on the rise once again. With the internet, their exposure to drugs is much greater. High school students are convinced that they are able to get away with using drugs. These drug addicts soon influence other students into doing the drugs because there isn’t a rule preventing drug use. In order to protect these student’s future, drug tests must be enforced among all students ensuring a safe environment for students to learn successfully. Allowing random drug testing in high schools will shy away students from trying these harmful drugs. The stop of drug use among high school students is crucial because drugs prevents student from learning leading them to dropping out of high school. Students that become overwhelmed by these harmful drugs will ruin their lives forever, but if steered in the right direction they can be saved.
There is right from wrong and it is wrong for student to do drugs unless prescribed by a doctor. It will benefit students’ lives by making right and smart choices. The goal of high school is to educate and prepare students for a successful future, but how can a students future be successful if they are doing drugs? Research and statistics have shown that drug use and dropout rates go hand in hand. The annual dropout rate in the United States is extremely high. One in seven students will drop out of high school before receiving their diploma and over thirty percent of these dropouts use drugs illegally. Many high schools around the nation are cracking down on their students; they are performing random drug screenings in attempt to lower drug use. The random drug testing done in high schools are showing positive results. In Palm Beach County high school the drug use among students have lowered by more than five percent since the recent drug testing. The schools athletic director says that he has seen major differences since the drug testings because it gives the kids another reason to say no to drugs. Schools that have student drug testings will soon see a healthier learning environment. Without these harmful drugs students will be able to learn and better their future by receiving their high school diploma. Receiving a high school diploma opens doors to many opportunities. Student who have their diplomas receive better jobs and higher paying jobs than high school dropouts. By decreasing the dropout rates of high school students, they will receive their required education in order to secure a job in...

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