High School Girls Essay

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High School Girls
During Junior High and Elementary teachers always tell you how much paying attention in class is. They say that what you learn in school will help you with everyday situations. But the one thing they don't teach you is how to deal with high school girls and their drama.
High school is where you figure out who you are and who your true friends are. Well Marry and Courtney after being best friends for years changed in two months. Marry and Courtney are fourteen and are freshman in high school. They thought since they were such great friend that high school wouldn’t as bad as what everyone else is saying. Eating together at lunch, going to class, talking about boys, planning for prom, supporting each other in their sports and helping each other with school. Thats what they thought high school is all about. what they didn’t know is high school isn’t that easy it’s not that fun either. High school is about making the right decisions and figuring out who you are and whom your real friends are.
Marry and Courtney started school just fine meeting new people. Everything is going as planned. Until Marry made new friends and started to hang with them more. Courtney also made new friends. After a while Courtney and marry forgot about each other. Marry hung out with druggists and the trouble makers. While Courtney hung out with good kids who do their work and were involved in school activities. Things changed between the girls they never talked, they didn’t hang out anymore or even looked at each other. Life was different.
One day Courtney was cleaning out her closet and found some old pictures of Marry and her when they were little and best friends. Looking through those pictures Courtney decided to text Marry just to see how she is and what she’s been up to. Marry was glad and surprised that she texted her since its been a long time since they last talked. Courtney called Marry knowing that she’s going to be on the phone a while and that she had a lot to tell her. Courtney and Marry talked on the phone for hours. It was at an eleven o’clock that they stopped talking. Before they got off they made plans to hang out after school on friday.
Courtney couldn't wait to hang out with Marry. She just couldn't wait for friday but she had 4 days to go though. all week they had to wait. finally friday rolled around and Courtney is going to find out how Marry’s actually been and how she changed. Marry came and picked Courtney up. when she picked her up marry was high but Courtney didn’t know because she didn’t know what that was. In the...

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