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High Education Institutions Hold A Stable Role In Sociaty

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Throughout history higher education institutions have had a stable role in society. This is primarily due to their steadfast mission, management, and organizational infrastructures. Although funding and appropriation have decreased, trends show that during periods of economic downturns student enrollment levels increase. (U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education). However, many higher education institutes experience a wide variety of challenges during financial crisis. As individuals in the work force and business arena seek to develop human capital, professional development and advanced degrees, colleges and universities are forced to diversify competitiveness. Many institutions now offer distance education, (coursework complete online) and hybrid programs (an amalgamation of face-to-face classroom teaching and online learning). Rapid advancements in technology and innovation have resulted in an increase of Internet usage for the purposes of education (Christo-Baker, 2004). To be competitive, instructors must possess a spectrum of leadership strategies that will be suitable for the educational institution. Moreover they must consider differences of students in regards to societal, cultural and diverse learning abilities. Beaudoin, (2007) suggests that distant learning instructors must develop a new innovative set of rules for teacher-student engagement. Due to the uncertain milieu of distance learning, proper placement of effective leadership could well make the difference between success, failure, or retention. Beaudoin (2007). Consequently as colleges and universities rethink the effectiveness of infrastructures, particularly for distance learning offerings, a closer look at quality instruction, selection of instructors, and student satisfaction is imperative. This study seeks to explore the extent that instructor’s transformational leadership behaviors impact the satisfaction and retention of online and hybrid learners. Additionally, results from this study will offer another research link in the chain of studies related to a relatively underdeveloped area in education.

Literature Review
At least 50% of all post-secondary students are projected to take at least one distance learning course during their college experience. This study seeks to explore a relatively underdeveloped area in education, the impact that transformational leadership behaviors on student satisfaction and retention, particularly in distance learning, (coursework completely online) and hybrid learning (an amalgamation face-to-face classroom teaching and online learning). Estelami, H. (2012). This study seeks to prove the hypothesis: Transformational leadership behaviors will have a positive impact on student satisfaction and retention while in distance learning and hybrid programs. This hypothesis was derived from past studies revealing that students experience positive outcomes...

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