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High performance work system is the combination of an organization’s process as it pertains to Human Resources design, management processes, and supporting technologies (Snell and Bohlander, 2013, pg. 700). The interrelation of all these terms are simply the dichotomous nature that surrounds them, for instance, Human Resources practices, would be involved in recruiting, selecting, staffing, and training for a desired outcome. What is actually taking place is a collaborative design which involves all these terms for a better operation. Actualized more definitively four components are significant within Snell and Bohlander’s argument and they are, “egalitarianism and engagement, shared information, knowledge and development, and performance reward linkage” (Snell and Bohlander, 2013, pg. 700).
Four Components of High Performance work systems.
Egalitarianism and engagement is the process whereby staff and executive managers are all enjoying the benefits of working enthusiastically and fairly for the development of the organization. This is where each employee has a voice in a decision making and understands the benefits of being actively involved in the organizations operations. A sense of work performance is key to employees when they are aware of their individual credible actions or ideas. Augmenting to this, is the organization active participation for the enrichment of its employees. This ranges from compensation or bonus packages, paid time off, promotion, and extra perks. What is even greater is the fact that many organizations are willing to incorporate workers union within their design process. This is especially important as workers understand that the organization is not against its employees rather on the contrary they are in favor of their employees’ protection and entitlement. Thus, infusing these favorably aspects together a high atmosphere of benevolence created.

Shared information is critical to today’s organization, whereas it was typical for organizations to assert confined duties to their employees; organizations are now asking for improvement from their employees. Every aspect or mechanism is used to provide critical information toward the organization for its development. This is somewhat egalitarianism being more specific and offers on the other hand what is profitable for the business or organization. Employees are not only recognized for hard work, or great performance, but are equally given the opportunity to offer improvements where it may be necessary; “by this its suggested that employees may be asked to take part in surveys, inspect an design process, and offer reliable feedback to the organization” (Snell and Bohlander, 2013, pg. 704). The information is then taken and is considered by the responsible parties, this what is known as share information.
Knowledge development pertains to the efficacy of specialization and work output in a professional manner. Employees are continuously educating...

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