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"High Fidelity" Character Anaysis Essay

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English Essay- Character AnalysisRob is a morose person who needs this excuse to always complain. He's a very pessimistic person, who can't seem to find a positive outlook in anything. Rob is also a very self-conscious person who is not content with himself. He believes that he lacks in the areas he views as important in his life. He depends on his woman to keep him happy, and judges his life according to the woman he's with. He simply can't manage to be happy without one. His unhappiness drives him to be very critical and judgmental to the world around him. He makes a jerky remark to everything he notices. All and all Rob has a weak character which depends on other things rather than ...view middle of the document...

It seems to me that with those discouraging thoughts it drives him to be very pessimistic. Without even talking to Marie he assumed right off the bat that she was going to hook up with the man she was singing with. He didn't even try to show he cared in the least. His pessimism led him to give up on Marie very quickly, without even looking at the possible positive side. These actions show he has a very pessimistic outlook on life which is driven by his low self-esteem. Rob also seems unsatisfied with himself. Too inadequate to be happy in a world where he feels he doesn't belong. I'm here , in this stupid little flat, on my own, and I'm thirty-five years old, and I own a tiny failing business, and my friends don't seem to be friends at all but people whose phone numbers I haven't lost. And if I went back to sleep and slept for forty years and woke up without any teeth to the sound of Melody Radio in an old people's home, I wouldn't worry that much, because the worst of life, i.e., the rest of it, would be over. And I wouldn't even have had to kill myself. (74)Rob looks at every aspect of his life and feels so insufficient that he doesn't even see the reason for living. He feels like he has no substance in his life. From having no true friends, to a failing job. All the characteristics that he values to be a person worth living, have failed him. I think his mother plays an important role in Rob's low self -esteem as she even degrades him and offers him no support. She doesn't even comfort him after the break-up with Laura, yet just criticizes and tells him that she "would have left [him] to get on with it years ago." (48) She demeans his job, and adds to his low self-confidence. Parents are supposed to be supportive in times of unhappiness. Parents are the people who are supposed to love unconditionally, but in Rob's case it seems that they only regard the negative aspects of his life which definitely cannot improve his situation. He feels so inadequate because he has no one to turn to or depend on. He wants to "run [himself] down, feel sorry for [himself], celebrate [his] inadequacies". (72)Rob depends on a woman to keep him happy. He believes his woman defines him as a person, and each time he is without one he is miserable.Sometimes it seems as though the only way a man can judge his own niceness, his own decency, is by looking at his relationships with women- or rather, with prospective or current sexual partners. (68)He judges himself according to the woman he's affiliated with. He doesn't see himself as a full person without a woman. He believes that "women are going to save [him], lead [him] through to a better life, that they can change and redeem [him]." (63) Rob is basically willing to be whatever his woman wants of him. Even his relationship with Sarah Kendrew was one of convenience because he had no one else, and wanted to feel equal to his...

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