High Modernism's Impact On Education Essay

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Presently, the development of globalization has lead to the possibility for the future of the world to be a global one. The ongoing era emphasizes technological discoveries and progresses which enables the world to eliminate territorial boundaries. However, how does this influence the power of the state over its people? How can they have authority over their citizens without the confusion of globalization and rapid change? The answer needs to analyze the beginning of human development, meaning their education. Education has undergone a transformation. Some may say that education has become a training to adapt to the needs of society. Whether education has or has not changed, the state is able to control its citizens by influencing their critical development, through the educational system.
In Ivan Illich’s Deschooling Society, he states “universal education through schooling is not feasible.”1 Within this statement, he noticed that there is a shift to the point that education is no longer offered within schools. How has it changed? Why has it changed? Is this transformation for the better of the people or of the state? These questions will be examined throughout the essay. Specifically, through the understanding of James C. Scott’s concept of high modernism, in Seeing like a State, this essay will demonstrate how high modernism has influenced the transformation of education into a business that creates the obedient citizen and the power struggle between the society and the individuals. The consequences of the effect of high modernism on education is analyzed by grasping the notion of high modernism, the breakdown of education, the demands of the ‘Real World,’ and the missing link of high modernism and society.
Structurally, this essay focuses on the analysis of how high modernism has affected education and its transformation to enable the state to have authority over its people. The main sources are Seeing like a State and Deschooling Society to study the consequences of high modernism. The first section is the understanding of high modernism. It examines Scott’s Seeing like a State and his understanding of high modernism, meaning the schemes to control the human condition. Next, the second section strips the current type of education into the components of a business, a ritual, and the purpose of certification. This demonstrates that education is a training. Yet, the third section examines the demands of the ‘Real World’ where training and certification is more valued. Finally, the last and fourth section presents the flaws of high modernism and the intent to infantilize society. Throughout the research, the authors argue that education should be disestablish and liberated. Thus, the main focus of the essay is on how society is able to attain control over its citizen and the consequences that ensues, through the method of education.

Understanding Scott’s High Modernism
To begin with, Scott’s Seeing like a State introduces high...

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