High Performance Police Essay

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High Performance Police
High-performance police organizations involve different approaches to the way law enforcement handle emergency situations. Law enforcement officer’s duties include focusing on the concerns and safety of average citizens. They must embrace the daunting challenge of radically transforming their organizations and their organizational cultures (Henry & Bratton, 2003). Policing can deal with the communities, organizations, budgets, and strategies to most effective actions to engage in challenging situations (Henry & Bratton, 2003).
Many police agencies have adopted the Compstat Paradigm which is a hybrid management style that combines the best and most effective elements of several organizational models as well as the best elements of the philosophies that support them (Henry & Bratton, 2003).
High-performance Police Organizations should be adopted by police organizations because it can provide stability and analytical approaches to different problems that is faced on a daily basis. This type of organization can allow police officers to be more prepared for the unknown. Successful police executives are focusing on strategic management which enhances operational efficiencies targeting influences that hinder organizational sustainability (Charrier, 2004). The police organizations can identify inefficiencies, organizational barriers and detect gaps in management communications that hinder performance (Charrier, 2004).
The manager interprets the vision as expressed by the chief and will choose to accept or reject it. Then the manager will communicate the vision in a positive or negative manner to the employees (Charrier, 2004). The police executives must have the energy and commitment to perform, with the ongoing support from the managers (Charrier, 2004). All ideas must be considered and analyzed to the full extent so no mishaps will occur. If the method is not planned properly the high-performance tactic can fail as a whole.
High-Performance police include Problem-Oriented Policing which identifies crime trends based on incidents and searched underlying problems that are responsible for criminal activity. This allows police to work in collaboration with community leaders finding ways to fight crime. For example, there is an annual Police-Oriented Policing conference in the Westin Providence Hotel in Providence, RI, involving police officers, police leaders, crime consultants, and crime researchers discussing their approaches to reducing crime and safety issues. They choose which workshop they want to focus on, at that moment (The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, U.S. Department of Justice , 2012). Another example, the Berkeley Police Department have implemented the proven crime control model known as the COMPSTAT, short for computer statistics, to reduce...

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