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According to Schermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn high-performance team has core values, clear performance objectives, the right mix of skills, and creativity. Although it is important for individuals of a high-performance team to be knowledgeable and skillful in their positions, the degree to how the members work harmoniously and cooperatively together are also very important.According to Schermerhorn, Hunt, and Osborn there are several ways to create a high performing team they are communicate performance standards, in the first meeting tone should be set, develop a sense of urgency, members need to have the right skills, establish expectations for behavior, be a good leader by modeling expected behavior, routinely introduce new information, encourage team members to spend time together, provide positive feedback, and reward high-performance.High-performance teams characteristicsThere are several characteristics of a high performance team (Leadership teams, Characteristics of a high-performance team, pa.7) there is participative leadership creating an interdependence by empowering, shared responsibility where all members feel responsibility for the team, aligned on purpose is having a sense of common purpose about why team exists and function it serves, high communication by having a climate of trust and open, honest communication, future focused occurs when change is seen as opportunity for growth, focused on task is done by keeping meetings and interactions focused on results, creative talents is done by applying all individual talents and creativity, and rapid response is described as identifying and acting on opportunities.Stages of team developmentFor teams to be high performing it is important for teams to first understand the stages of development (Working on teams, Stages of team development, pa. 1-4) There are four stages of team development. Each stage of team development has its own distinct feelings and behaviors. These four stages are helpful for recognizing team's behavior patterns. The first stage of team development is forming. During this first stage team members are feeling excited to be part of the team. Behavior during the forming stage is usually full of questions and team members might be experiencing uncertainty about their place on the new team. The task during this stage is to create goals, direction, and structure.The second stage of team development is storming. During the storming stage team members are trying to evaluate how team will respond to differences and how conflict will be handled. Disagreement about goals and expectations might happen during the storming stage. Team may have to redefine the goals for the team.The third stage of team development is norming. Norming stage occurs when team members begin to resolve individual expectations. Acceptance of others begins also during the norming stage. Group cohesion is often increased. Team members may start making more effort to resolve problems and try to obtain group...

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