High Prices Of Healthy Foods Prevents Control Of Diabetes

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Most of the individuals living with Type 2 Diabetes in these low income areas know they have to eat healthier foods in order to control the illness and reduce the risk of getting worse, but they are often confounded by the distance they had to travel in order to buy the healthier foods from the health market, unaffordable prices of buying a healthier nutritious food, and the means of travel to get to the market. Chaufan, Davis, & Constantino (2011), noted that disproportionate risk is caused by living conditions, because living conditions are not natural facts but rather the product of policy decision distributing societal benefits and burdens. The prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes health and lifestyle education programs can be useful in reducing the incidence but only for a limited time. Most of these individuals are trapped in poverty which is a contributing factor to Type 2 Diabetes rise of incidence. Diabetes prevalence can help reduce when there are policies that help target and help disparities such as having more adequate living conditions through affordable housing, job security, affordable health care, safer living environments and various components that would help individuals integrate with society and reduce stressors in order for them to focus on leading healthier lifestyles.
Similarly, Bhojani et al., (2013), noted that people who were living below the poverty line in low income communities were more likely to report the presence of a chronic condition (like hypertension and type 2 diabetes) in comparison with households above the poverty line.
Issues face by vulnerable communities are seen high among those who are living in low-income and middle income areas. The prevalence of self-reported chronic conditions was (95% CI= 8.4,8.9) in the general populations with the two most common reported health conditions being hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes. This showed to be a significantly high in low and middle class income areas. The finding of Bhojani et al., (2013), focused on people in low and middle class who reported seeking care from government health services focused on reducing the prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes and Hypertension. The literature review found that the results of type 2 Diabetes among low income individuals seem to be relatively low than previous studies. Even though people reported having twice as much risk of chronic illnesses the number of people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes was insignificant accounting for 95% CI below poverty line 0.6 (0.5,0.7) (Bhojani et al., 2013). In this case it may be that more people remain undiagnosed than those who self-report in the surveys.
The burden of Type diabetes is much higher in ethnic minorities than for whites (CDC, 2011). Those of which include Latino and African American ethnicities. According to Lemon, Rosal, & Welch (2011), Latinos have a higher rate of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus rates than Caucasian because of socioeconomic status, education, health beliefs,...

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