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High Natural Gas Prices"Natural gas seasonal prices staying high" is the title of an article written by Josef Hebert from the Associated Press on June 8, 2004. The article discusses the amount of natural gas stored in the United States as well as the growing demand of natural gas and how the pricing will stay high throughout the summer months of 2004.Natural gas has thousands of uses approximately 23 percent of the energy consumption of the United States is from natural gas. More than one-half of the homes in the United States use natural gas as their main heating fuel. Over 61.9 million homes use natural gas to fuel stoves, furnaces, water heaters, clothes dryers, as well as other household appliances (Energy Information Agency www.eia.doe.gov). The essential raw material for many common products is natural gas; these products include explosives, medicines, photographic film, dyes, antifreeze, plastics, fertilizer, and paints. Natural gas is also used to produce steel, glass, paper, clothing, brick, electricity and list could go on the World industry depends on natural gas. Because of the wide usage of natural gas when the prices fluctuate it affects all of us (Energy Information Agency www.eia.doe.gov).In the year 2000, the United States natural gas consumption reached 22.6 trillion cubic feet and has continually risen since that year. In the year 2000 the consumption of natural gas in the electric utility and industrial sectors moved in opposite directions. Industrial consumption was 9.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas while the electric utilities consumption of natural gas was 3.0 trillion cubic feet. It is estimated that by the year 2020,...

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876 words - 4 pages selling list. Like in past recessions, the first thing to cause economic turmoil is the high gasoline prices raised by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). This small group of leaders set the price of gas as high as they possibly can and kill economic prosperity with their insanely high prices. With natural gas, we can set our own prices and not have to be burdened with dictators of foreign lands, whose goal mission is The

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789 words - 4 pages Introduction The U.S. natural gas industry, and by extension the industry globally has borne witness to tremendous change over the past decade. During this period, U.S. natural gas production levels have risen from a twenty year low of 18 Tcf (510 Bcm ) in 2005, to an all-time high of 24 Tcf (680 Bcm) in 2012 . At the same time, natural gas prices have fallen to levels not seen since the period immediately following the U.S. gas market

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3722 words - 15 pages drilling, there were plenty of drill core data publicly available to allow explorers to find the ‘sweet spots’ on the plays. 3. The shale gas had a high liquids content, which greatly enhanced the economics of the operations, especially at a time when gas prices were low. 2. RESEARCH 1. In 1982 the US government began extensive funding of R&D by the Gas Technology Institute into ‘low permeability hydrocarbon bearing formations’. The results were

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1032 words - 4 pages that don't require any gasoline would be very efficient in today’s society. Despite the increase of pollution and high gas prices, gases are used for everything and give us the ability to run corporations, motor vehicles and heat. This is why gas is precious because it is use for majority of the thing that we use today. While gas is essential there are steps that should be taken to reduce our dependence on it . Gas in today’s society is some

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861 words - 4 pages energy industry and the global economy. Also, through the condensing of natural gas, many impurities are removed. Therefore, this process gives the nations importing natural gas in liquid form a product with a high percentage of methane which is the preferred when it comes to producing energy. So, the increasing usage of LNG for the transportation of natural gas is allowing nations with energy production problems to obtain an energy producing fuel that is very potent when it comes to producing energy. Thus, LNG is a key to satisfying the global demand for natural gas in the world along with increasing global economic activity.

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