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High Quality Feedback Effect On Performance Of Low Achievers In Physical Education

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The Importance of physical education (P.E) in primary schools has been well documented. It has been highlighted recently by the government’s £150 million injection. The funding has been ring-fenced, meaning that it can on be spent on P.E provision within primary schools (DfE 2013a). The overall effectiveness of PE in primary schools during the period of 2008 – 2012 required improvement or was inadequate in 31% of schools (OFSTED 2013). The report articulates the main contributing factors of the poor performance as teachers limited subject knowledge and poor use of assessment in P.E. Assessment for learning (AFL) is one of the most prominent trend topics within education since Black and Wiliam’s (1998) report accentuating its many advantages. Kirk et al (2006) argue that the majority of P.E is not utilising or benefitting from the assessment tool as positively as it should. They noted that a large majority of P.E educators see assessment in the subject as summative; a procedure to gather evidence to determine levels or grades.
The inconsistent provision of quality P.E, more specifically AFL in P.E., will be the basis for the focus of my research: ‘What extent does high quality feedback effect performance of low achievers in Physical Education?’ Feedback is an AFL tool that can help pupils reflect upon their performance or a skill and highlight how to improve this to the next level (Ofsted 2004). I will embed teacher feedback to pupils into the lessons I teach and attempt to keep all feedback high quality. High quality feedback entails having secure knowledge of the taught activity, recognising misconceptions or mistakes by pupils, giving accurate and clear directions to improve and move performance levels on (Capel & Piotrowski 2000). I intend to research this theory in relation to my own P.E teaching practice. By doing this I will hope to evaluate the value of the use of feedback, in this subject initially but also consider its use beyond the subject. Being an amateur boxing coach and an advocate of the use of feedback , I accept that I will have a slight bias to its positive effects. I intend to keep my views as open as possible in relation to its effect on teaching and will use other knowledgeable professional’s opinions and observations to help ensure this bias does not affect my interpretations.
Assessment of primary physical education is mainly observation based. This requires educators to be very perceptive which can make it subjective and extremely interpretive (Griggs 2012). This will reflect my research methodology as I adopt an interpretivist paradigm of research. A paradigm, in educational research terms, is expressed as a clear set of cognitive notions or approaches with identifiable specific sets of beliefs and values (Burton & Bartlett 2009). Through considering a paradigm we can contemplate structural thinking to underpin the research methodology we use. The interpretivist paradigm is related to finding meanings in human...

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